APRIL 2023 -

Home can be not only a place but also a state of being

Every day we come home. Come home to how we live, to how we breathe, to who we are. Wherever we are, whoever we are, we can connect to this place within us, and through this, connect to the world.

Sometimes it can feel difficult to find or locate this place. Where is the center, this calm still place that knows it is home? How do I find it?

When all around us is wild and moving, where do we go? What is the core that we must neve…

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Here we are on the threshold of the Winter Solstice, coming closer to the end of the year that has been. Before moving on, it can be good to stand still for a while, and remember.

Remember what this year has brought you. What you have learned and received. Decisions you made and choices that became clear. Teachings from the Spirits or Nature that have changed your life. What do you want to put down now and what you want to take with you?

Stay for a while and listen. Listen to …

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JULY 2022

Things happen when we sit in Circle
It is a central part of our work with the Spirits
Bringing the Circle together and feeling the connection
As the Power flows through

The Circle is a birthplace, a beginning and an ending
Holding space for things to happen
There is a place for each of us here,
An invitation to step in and take part

Even in times when we may not feel the connection
it is still here, holding us and reminding us
that so much more can happen when we come together

Surrounded …

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MARCH 2022

Sometimes it feels as if change happens so fast, we cannot keep up. One morning we wake and everyday reality is shifting into something almost unrecognizable. Many of us might have felt this as the experience of war seeps through Europe, reaching far and wide. It is all connected and wherever we are, it affects us.

Now more than ever, it is important to keep hold of our practice and ask the Spirits to help keep us steady. To remember what is at our core and keep connecting to Power.…

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1 Åsbacka DP Spring


“You are not alone”. Many times have we said these words on courses and in circles. The Spirits are with us all the time, if we remember to reach out and open. But how do we remember? It is up to us to connect, but it is not always easy when time is tight or we feel weak, tired or stressed. Often it is hardest to ask for help when we most need it.

A good place to begin is where you are right now – right where you live. You can choose to relate to your home, your local area or wor…

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This year, the Full Moon and Winter Solstice come very close to each other. In the darkest night, there is also light. How do we allow Dark and Light to dance together in us, and in our lives? So often Light is used to mean “good” and dark to mean “bad” but in Nature this is not true at all. Light is simply light, and dark is dark. They both have great and important qualities, and both are needed to keep the balance of Life. There are many nocturnal animals that depend on d…

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AUTUMN 2012 -

A golden Autumn day. In the Sun’s warmth, the frost on the oak leaves melts to mist in the crisp air. Change. Life is so full of the unexpected, the things we feel to be “good” seeking balance with what we feel to be “difficult.” The main work of the shaman is that of healer, yes, but healing in a bigger sense, of being the one who dances with the rhythms of life and finds ways to restore the balance.

The shaman is the one people turn to in times of change. So the shaman must als…

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WINTER 2012 -

Here in Scandinavia it is the darkest time of the year, the days when the Sun begins travelling North again – Midwinter, a time of celebration! Asking my Teachers how to celebrate this Solstice, they answered not only my question but also deepened my understanding of how to live. They told me that this is the time to remember those who have gone on before me, not only my blood-line ancestors, but all those who have made my life possible today, from the smallest organism to the gre…

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In some parts of the world the new year comes in Springtime, others mark it in the Autumn. Here in Scandinavia the New Year arrives in Mid-Winter. No matter how it’s done, the idea is the same: ending what has been, pausing to gather together what we have learned, moving on and starting anew. It is a wonderful idea, but why wait and only do it once a year? Why not once a month, once a week, or once a day?

In October I went to the Deer Park Buddhist Monastery in southern Califo…

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This Spring marks the thirtieth anniversary of the very first shamanic workshop I ever taught. Of course I wasn’t alone the doing the teaching. My Spirits were with me all the way. I suppose they were looking at me the way we look at a child who is taking her first steps. And there was one miracle I remember to this day: a woman was spontaneously healed from claustrophobia which had been plaguing her all of her life – cured on her very first journey. Any doubts about shamanism I…

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