JULY 2022

Things happen when we sit in Circle
It is a central part of our work with the Spirits
Bringing the Circle together and feeling the connection
As the Power flows through

The Circle is a birthplace, a beginning and an ending
Holding space for things to happen
There is a place for each of us here,
An invitation to step in and take part

Even in times when we may not feel the connection
it is still here, holding us and reminding us
that so much more can happen when we come together

Surrounded …

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MAY 2022

Sometimes it can be easy to lose oneself. Maybe it is because we are running too fast, with too much to do. Maybe we expect a lot of ourselves or opt for an easy way out. Perhaps we are facing great change. At such times, the ground can feel loose or shaky, and we become uncertain. We may make choices that do not feel quite right and regret creeps in with a growing sense of unease.

What happens to our souls when we are not true to who we are? Avoiding the truth can, over time, make ou…

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APRIL 2022

Life makes itself known, in its vibrant and insistent regeneration. Springtime in Scandinavia is a rich time - tight tiny buds on trees unfurling, early flowers reaching for the Sun and green growth overtaking dry remnants of Winter.

Whatever tragedies play out on the human stage, Nature insists on Life. Here it is again, right in front of us. We can open to the Power of new Life, of Regeneration, of Budding and Blossoming. Even in sadness, grief and anger, Beauty is here. Even in …

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1 Åsbacka DP Spring


“You are not alone”. Many times have we said these words on courses and in circles. The Spirits are with us all the time, if we remember to reach out and open. But how do we remember? It is up to us to connect, but it is not always easy when time is tight or we feel weak, tired or stressed. Often it is hardest to ask for help when we most need it.

A good place to begin is where you are right now – right where you live. You can choose to relate to your home, your local area or wor…

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AUTUMN 2011 -

Sometimes life takes us by surprise. Recently I came to hear about The Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers ( and right after got the chance to go to Göteborg to listen and learn from two of them - Sámi healer Laila Spik and Hopi elder Mona Polacca. This turned out to be a wonderful, heart-opening, and encouraging experience. They talked about their cultural traditions, about environmental changes, global warming, and the Hopi Prophecy. They talked about no…

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AUTUMN 2012 -

A golden Autumn day. In the Sun’s warmth, the frost on the oak leaves melts to mist in the crisp air. Change. Life is so full of the unexpected, the things we feel to be “good” seeking balance with what we feel to be “difficult.” The main work of the shaman is that of healer, yes, but healing in a bigger sense, of being the one who dances with the rhythms of life and finds ways to restore the balance.

The shaman is the one people turn to in times of change. So the shaman must als…

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WINTER 2012 -

Here in Scandinavia it is the darkest time of the year, the days when the Sun begins travelling North again – Midwinter, a time of celebration! Asking my Teachers how to celebrate this Solstice, they answered not only my question but also deepened my understanding of how to live. They told me that this is the time to remember those who have gone on before me, not only my blood-line ancestors, but all those who have made my life possible today, from the smallest organism to the gre…

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AUTUMN 2013 -

Today I woke up thinking about Time. I always start thinking about Time in the Autumn as the days grow shorter. Time - there is never enough for everything. But is that true? Busying this morning I heard myself thinking: “I’ve got to catch my breath.” Catch my breath! Sitting down, I felt my breath – breathing in – breathing out.

There is time for everything, I thought, starting with time to stop. How easy it is to blame other things, like “no time.” But there are no “other thin…

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MAY 2014 -

Walking down by the pond it is so still except for the song of a warbler. Sitting by the water, I thought over the past weeks. It has been busy with four courses in four countries working with some of the faces of power – balance, gratitude, responsibility, joy, and the spirits of nature.

Many people think of power as the power over us, but as we know it is also a surging energy that gives life-force. Power has so many faces and different ways of interacting with our lives: the powe…

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AUTUMN 2014 -

Today, someone asked me how I feel about Åsbacka, the place where I live. I could feel the answer in my heart before the word came. And when the word came, I said “Home.” As soon as I said it, I knew that I had found a new understanding of “home”.

For me Åsbacka is not only a place to live. Åsbacka is a being – a being with whom I have a relationship. Åsbacka has needs and I have needs. We take care of each other and nourish each other in many ways. We share this space and we liv…

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