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As well as courses, training and mentoring, Jonathan and Zara also offer occasional talks, conference presentations, or festival workshops. Sometimes there are free events, online or onsite, such as Solstice Circles or ceremonies for special occasions. Through the years the three of us have created many tailor-made rituals for individuals, groups and institutions, including name giving celebrations, memorial services or blessing work. You can find more event announcements in our monthly newsletter



SUN 15 MAY 2022: "Nourishing the Soul"
Free online talk with Jonathan & Zara, 19.00-20.30 CET.
Open to all but you must register to attend

In this interactive free talk, Jonathan & Zara explore the role of soul in shamanic practice and in life. Many people have heard about soul loss and soul retrieval but it is also important to care for our souls in an ongoing way, so they can be healthy and vibrant. We will offer empowering ways to nourish the soul and help it to shine. We will talk about how we understand soul and soulfulness, and why we feel it needs no exact definition. As we tend to the soul in us, we can also become more engaged with the ensouled world we are part of and connect more fully to Life.

** Watch the recording of the talk **

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Jonathan and Zara
have been offering free online talks since 2020 and you can find them on their YouTube channel Shaman Circle Center or browse through our Library where you will find them listed by theme.

Annette has a YouTube channel Annette Høst where she offers teaching videos on Seidr and Nordic magic traditions


As well as holding courses, we have given many public presentations and workshops at conferences, colleges, high schools and special organizations. There have been interviews for magazines and books, and many radio and TV programmes, as well as internet podcasts. Some of these you can find on our Library. We are still open to receiving invitations for new events, if time allows.

A selection of presentations:

  • Midwinter Circle + Survival fundraiser, Dec 2021
  • Lost Species Remembrance ceremony, Nov 2021
  • Jonathan & Zara, workshop at “Earth Rights” international conference, Sweden, 2019
  • Jonathan & Zara, in residence for 7 weeks at Schumacher College, Spring 2016, holding courses, ceremonies and community events
  • Jonathan, presentation at Sounds True “Year of Ceremony” online programme, 2016-2017
  • Jonathan & Zara, presentations and workshops at Aurora Nature & Spirit conference in Italy, 2015 and 2014
  • Jonathan, presentation at Shamanism Online Summit hosted by the Shift Network, 2015
  • Jonathan & Zara, workshops, healing ceremonies and plenary sessions at UK SSP Shamanic Conference, Devon, UK, 2012 & 2010
  • Annette, series of lectures at the National Museum in Copenhagen: Shamanism and magic tradition in Denmark, prehistory to renaissance, 2009
  • Annette, guest speaker at North Atlantic Studies Conference “Exploring Seidhr”, Aarhus University, Denmark, 2001
  • Annette, Danish TV program ”Den 2. Dimension”, on shamanism and animism, 2013
  • Annette, Seidr presentation and workshops at Sjaman Gathering festival, Norway, 2012



Many people ask us to help with special threshold moments in their lives. Often they are name-giving ceremonies, weddings or funerals. Sometimes they are private rites-of-passage. These ceremonies are always created in consultation with you and the Spirits, to make sure they serve you well.

Shamanic ceremony is transforming work. It helps you to step through the stages of life with power and presence, and brings you into connection with yourself and the universe. It can be very empowering to create your own ceremony. Our hope is that more people will carry knowledge about shamanic ritual and ceremony, to help both themselves and others who ask for help. We sometimes offer courses on this theme, such as "Spirit Dance" and "Sacred Ceremony".

We still do this work when time allows. If you have a request or wish, please contact us. If we are not able to help, we can often recommend other shamanic colleagues, or contact one of the people on the list below. 

When holding Ceremonial or Circle work online, it is useful to have a sense of ethics and clear guidelines, and so we offer our guide to sharing shamanic work online to help and inspire you

These people have trained extensively with us and work in a similar way. They often hold shamanic events and we recommend all these facilitators. In our monthly newsletter we regularly share information about upcoming shamanic events in our network. 

UK - Kathy Fried http://kathyfried.co.uk/
UK & online -
Shenoah Taylor http://shenoahtaylor.com/
Ireland - Liam Glenane (email only)
Denmark - Maria Lisette Jacobsen https://www.hyldemorshave.dk/
Denmark - Nicolaj Møller http://forbundethed.dk/
Denmark - Rasmus Ludvigsen http://medicinewalk.dk/
Sweden - Anna Björk (email only)
Finland - Christiana Aro-Harle https://solavoima.fi/


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