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For those of you who know how to journey shamanically, we offer 4 drumming tracks to use at home so you can continue to practice and journey regularly to your Spirit Helpers.

This drumming was originally recorded for a CD made for the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies, produced by B-Joe Johansen. You will hear 4 drummers playing together – B-Joe, Jonathan Horwitz, Kirsten Slots, Marianne Hvass Kure.

We offer this free download as a gift so that you can continue to practice at home after a course. Please read the guidance below on how to use this recording in a good way. It is mainly meant for your personal use, we ask you not to share the direct recording with others. However feel free to share the link with people who have a shamanic practice, then they can also read our instructions. Please do not publish the audio on social media or other online spaces.

With 4 different tracks, you can use the one that suits you best. They all include the drumming call-back we use on our courses, to bring you back into your body at the end of the journey. Please make sure you read the instructions below for how to use the recordings before you download them.


Though recorded, this is the sound of live drums. Around the world, shamans’ drums are recognized as living beings who bring power to ceremonies and help the shaman to contact the Spirits. Even when heard on a recording, the sound of the drum has power.

The regular beat of the shaman’s drum, used worldwide, is designed to help us step into sacred space and lift the veil from our spirit eyes so we can see beyond the material world and move into the world of the spirits.

You can use this recorded drumming in several different ways, but always in a ritual space with clear intent. The main use is to take you on journeys to the spirit world, which should always begin with a clearly stated mission. You can also use it to create well-held space and keeping focus while you prepare for and carry out a ceremony or ritual dance. It can be used for a shamanic healing session or power animal retrieval. Or you can simply lie down asking for help to rest and restore, letting yourself be bathed in the pulsating power of the drum sound, bringing energy and healing.

We ask you to only use this drum recording in the same spirit as we are offering it to you: as a living sacred tool. In this way you will show the Spirit of the Drum respect and build up a good working relationship. It also helps you to maintain clear boundaries between the reality of your everyday physical world and the magical space of the spirit world, ensuring good grounding.

Never use this recording for background music or entertainment, and do not use it when driving a vehicle, including bicycles, or operating machinery.

We thank you and we thank the Drums.


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