This year, the Full Moon and Winter Solstice come very close to each other. In the darkest night, there is also light. How do we allow Dark and Light to dance together in us, and in our lives? So often Light is used to mean “good” and dark to mean “bad” but in Nature this is not true at all. Light is simply light, and dark is dark. They both have great and important qualities, and both are needed to keep the balance of Life. There are many nocturnal animals that depend on darkness to survive, to find food, and find their way. To them, the light pollution of modern cities is a big threat and danger. For us humans, the night is also an important part of our time here on Earth.

We need the dark. We need it to rest, relax, dream, and find visions. The Dark is an expansive place where our bodies are held and our souls can soar. For shamanic work, darkness is essential – “the shaman sees in the dark”. Looking in this way helps us to see beyond physical surfaces, into the essence of Life.

This Winter, maybe you want to go deeper into meeting with the Dark. How can you allow it space in your Life? How can you let it help you? The Winter Solstice is a beautiful time to welcome both the longest night and the return of the Sun – and honour them equally in their own way.

Whether visible or not, illuminated or in shadow, the Moon is here. This last full Moon of 2021 can help us see more clearly where we have been. We can walk in the moonlight and ask to feel the gifts of the year. In the Solstice, we stand still, allowing the moment where it all comes together. We can feel what has been, let go what we no longer need, say thank you and goodbye. In this way we make clean space for the year to come. We can make our wishes known, ask for insight and wisdom to help guide us through the coming time. We can stand, simply being, listening, opening, to the Long Night Moon.

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Just like the Moon, the year is now full and ripe, almost at its end. It is a good time to engage in the old Nordic practice of “Årsgång”. It can be done both for the old year and the new year ahead, where you go out, ideally in dusk or dark, to walk the year. Like a medicine walk, you look for signs and teachings, either asking to harvest the year that has been, or asking what is important to know about my coming year. Doing  two walks, one for the old and one for the new, complement each other well.

During this deep time of rest, please remember that being with the Power of the Season can be work enough. It is a good time for deep listening and stillness. You might want to find ways to simply be with the Spirits, to make room for them in your life, and have space for them in your heart. Maybe you want to write a letter to them, to give thanks for all they have helped you with this year. You can read it out aloud to them in a small ritual, ending with rattling and singing.

If you are finding the situation in the world challenging, with continued pressures and uncertainties, you may like to read our invitation from last year, of how to work shamanically in a time of crisis. Many of us may have hoped that these special times would be over by now, and find it difficult to cope as it goes on. In this situation it is especially important to connect to the Spirits and ask for help. More suggestions can be found here:

To work more deeply in this time, we offer you these mission formulations:

  • What is my next step in working with the Power of the Moon?
  • How can I feel the balance of night and day (dark and light) in my life?
  • Ask for a personal Solstice Ceremony for me this year
  • How can I give thanks to you Spirits for your help and wisdom?

We wish you Deep Blessed Midwinters
Annette, Zara, Jonathan