APRIL 2023 -

Home can be not only a place but also a state of being

Every day we come home. Come home to how we live, to how we breathe, to who we are. Wherever we are, whoever we are, we can connect to this place within us, and through this, connect to the world.

Sometimes it can feel difficult to find or locate this place. Where is the center, this calm still place that knows it is home? How do I find it?

When all around us is wild and moving, where do we go? What is the core that we must never let go of? 

It can be good to contemplate what helps us to stay connected, anchored to our soul? What helps us to remember?

Sometimes just knowing there is a center can help. There is a center in each of us. Not only our center, but the center. The center of the universe lives in us all and we can reach in and touch it any time, and ask for help to come home to Life. The center of the Universe is in each of us, and in all that exists.

What also helps us to stay connected is to remember what really matters. What gives life meaning and true nourishment? Not what we want or expect, but what we really need. Do we allow it and bring enough of this into our life? Do we embrace it and enjoy it when it comes?

The way we love the Earth and the way we choose to walk our path can help us remember our promises to the Spirits. They keep us steady as the winds of change blow. Take a moment to come back to this core, this center of our lives. We can feel this connection again and make space for it in everyday life. Invite it in, enjoy it, and feel that Home is here


Coming home to ourselves is a constant practice and something that is never completed. Instead, we recommend that you enjoy meeting it every day and see how you relate to it today. Don't treat it as a destination to arrive at, but as a general way of living. Asking these questions can help us remember and encourage ourselves to stay true to who we are. As we open to receiving wisdom, we will keep weaving and learning more about what coming home means for us. 

To find out more, ask the Spirits or go to Nature to receive personal teachings for one of these missions:

  • How can I stay connected to my center when out in the world?

  • What steps can I take so my center can be more clear?

  • Ask for help to connect to a sense of Home in my life