Welcome to the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies and the Spirit-based work of Jonathan Horwitz, Zara Waldebäck and Annette Høst. We offer a broad range of international courses in shamanism, as well as shamanic healing, community ceremonial work, mentoring and supervision, shamanic grassroots networking, and research into past and present shamanic traditions.

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What is shamanism? We see shamanism as a way to bring healing, maintain power and balance, and strengthen kinship between humans and all of nature. Our work centers on developing strong, ongoing and reciprocal relationships with the Spirits. We ask for their guidance and let them lead the way. We take an active but non-controlling role when working with the Spirits, and use depth, detail and discipline to explore the teachings they offer. We are not focused on “being a shaman”, but rather on how this way of being teaches us to live well on the Earth.

For us shamanism is a spiritual practice rooted in everyday living. In changing and challenging times, working with the Spirits provides a compass for the soul, reminding us of who we are and keeping our intention strong. Shamanism is humanity’s oldest spiritual practice and to this day offers many essential skills to navigate modern life and gives powerful tools to work with environmental emergencies. There are many different views about what a shaman is and many shamanic traditions throughout the world which vary from one another. You can read a longer introduction to how we work with shamanism.

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Our Center is not a physical place but a collective of teachers who follow similar guidelines, principles and ways of working. Annette is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and focuses on the Nordic shamanic and magic traditions. She now concentrates on online teaching and writing, and no longer offers physical courses or individual sessions. Jonathan and Zara live at their small retreat center Åsbacka in southern Sweden, and focus on healing, community, and connection with Power. We all offer many ways of engaging with Nature. Our inspiration comes mainly from the Spirit world and personal research. We try to learn from all branches of the shamanic world heritage, while taking care not to imitate rituals or appropriate from indigenous cultures. Read more about our approach and about our different personal paths and interests.

We teach a variety of physical and online workshops and regularly update our course page. Jonathan & Zara teach mainly in English, Annette teaches in both English and Danish. Some are residential intensives, others are longer online programmes over several months. Some courses are open to all, and require no previous training. These are either introduction courses, or more animistic in nature which help to deepen our connection to the Living World. Some courses require basic training in shamanic journeying, in the way we teach. This is to ensure that we share the same shamanic language, ethics and essential practices. If you are not sure this matches your way of working, please read more here or contact the course organizer. As well as courses, Jonathan and Zara hold mentoring and guidance circles online, to help inspire and encourage shamanic practice at home

All graphic illustrations on our website are made by Annette. She calls them "picture-poems" and they are a way of expressing her meetings with the Mystery. These visions grow from Spirit experiences, from a place of enchantment, and land on paper in a mix of drawing, papercuts and photos. All nature photos are by Jonathan or Zara, and come mainly from around Åsbacka and the area in southern Sweden where they live.

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We also organize shamanic community events, including free online talks, festival or conference presentations, seasonal celebrations and community networking. We feel it is important to not only learn shamanism but to live it and enjoy it. Ceremonies and Circles help to bring Spirit connection into our everyday existence so it becomes a familiar part of Life. We offer inspiration to help you create your own shamanic gatherings and share information of shamanic events held by people in the SCSS community.

In the Library, we invite you to share in the bounty of what we have gathered during more than thirty-five years of experience as practitioners and teachers on the shaman’s path. You will find a wealth of longer articles as well as many talks and videos on our two YouTube channels: Shaman Circle Center for Jonathan & Zara, and Annette’s site where she shares her work with Nordic traditions.

For personal Practice, you will find support and inspiration, with many suggestions on how to develop your connection with the Spirits after a course. Here we also share what we mean by regular shamanic practice, and offer resources for tools, recommended reading and shamanic circles. You can download our special Drumming for Journeying recording for free to use for ceremonial work at home.


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The Blog gathers many of our reflections and poems through the years and is regularly updated with seasonal impressions. Jonathan and Zara also offer an Åsbacka Blog where they share their experiences of ordinary and extraordinary shamanic living.

We have created this space as a Home and hope you will enjoy exploring its many offerings. It is a place you can return to when you feel in need of connection or community, or seek guidance, inspiration and support. However long we have practiced, we can keep on learning and deepen our sense of being an apprentice to the Spirits.

Welcome to the Shaman’s Path!   lilleraev

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