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Coming on courses and training with human teachers is a good way to develop your shamanic practice. But once the course has finished, you may feel unsure of carrying on by yourself, or not feel the intensity you experienced in the circle. But there are many ways to continue. When you train with us, we talk about this in depth, both on courses and during online Shamanic Guidance Circles. 

Reading about shamanism and listening to shamanic interviews and documentaries can definitely inspire and expand your learning. It can also be rewarding to work with others in ceremonies and communities. But the best way is to go directly to the Spirits and ask for personal advice and guidance. When you work with them on an ongoing basis, your foundation grows stronger and your insight grows clearer. They are the real Teachers in this work. Much of our training is dedicated to helping you understand how Spirits and Nature beings communicate with you and how to recognize and receive the gifts they offer.

Returning home after an intensive workshop, it is good to allow time for digestion. You may feel differently about things now, maybe that your old life does not quite “fit” anymore. This is a natural effect of working with the Spirits. So if you feel an impulse to change habits or explore new things, try to follow it, one step at a time, and see where it takes you.

After a week, it can be very interesting to re-read your notes and Spirit work from the course. Often teachings will feel clearer or deeper than you might have thought. Walk with the experience and let it take root in your life. We suggest not being in a rush to go on to other courses straight away – instead take time to look at what you have already received. If the Spirits gave you work to do at home, or suggested certain rituals, try to do that and let it have an effect. Give the Spirits room to work. It is through practice that we transform, heal and grow.

It is very good to ask the Spirits for help when you are in need of it, but it is also rewarding to include shamanic practice as a regular part of everyday life. This develops your connection to Power and helps you build trust in your relationship to the Spirits. We all face many challenges along the way and it is good to have a well-maintained base of support. As Jonathan likes to say: “Life is change. Shamanism is change with Power”.

A shamanic practice like this can be very simple and does not need to be time-consuming. It may be greeting the day or addressing your Guides in the morning, or carrying out a daily ritual you have been given by the Spirits or taught on a course. It may be rattling a few times a week to ask for general power and help, before you step into the day. It may be to keep an image or object that reminds you of a Spirit Ally that helps you to feel connected.

Every few weeks it can be good to do a more substantial piece of work, like a drum journey, nature walk, or ceremony. You might visit a personal Power Place, or sing Power Songs given by the Spirits or learned on courses. You can also play our drumming recording and dance or drum with a specific intention. Try to get a sense of what helps you most at certain times. Shamanic practice is dynamic and flexible, it changes as we change.

Working online can be very helpful in developing a solid shamanic practice at home, as it supports you over a longer period, and encourages you do to Spirit work right where you are. It helps to root the work in the everyday, helps to make space for it in your life, and makes it feel a natural and normal part of who you are.

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