AUTUMN 2012 -

A golden Autumn day. In the Sun’s warmth, the frost on the oak leaves melts to mist in the crisp air. Change. Life is so full of the unexpected, the things we feel to be “good” seeking balance with what we feel to be “difficult.” The main work of the shaman is that of healer, yes, but healing in a bigger sense, of being the one who dances with the rhythms of life and finds ways to restore the balance.

The shaman is the one people turn to in times of change. So the shaman must also be the magician of change – moving with it as with the seasons, calling new power when needed, trusting change and letting go of what was, just as Nature does when it is time.

Together with our Spirits we face the thresholds and crossroads, as Autumn leaves start to fall.

~ Jonathan ~