In some parts of the world the new year comes in Springtime, others mark it in the Autumn. Here in Scandinavia the New Year arrives in Mid-Winter. No matter how it’s done, the idea is the same: ending what has been, pausing to gather together what we have learned, moving on and starting anew. It is a wonderful idea, but why wait and only do it once a year? Why not once a month, once a week, or once a day?

In October I went to the Deer Park Buddhist Monastery in southern California. In the front of the beautiful meditation hall there was no bright shining statue of the Buddha on the altar, only some fruit and the words, written large enough for me to read from the entrance: “this is it”

This is it – life. This very moment! Why wait? None of us knows how long we have here. Yet every hour is filled with a thousand moments wanting to show us something worth seeing. Together with the Spirits and a strong intention, taking one step at a time, we can start right now to live fully, appreciating all the gifts we constantly receive.

And in this moment we thank you for your part in this year we have shared and send you all wishes for wonder-filled and powerful times ahead. May we walk in good health, feeling our love for the Earth and the Earth’s love for us