MARCH 2022

Sometimes it feels as if change happens so fast, we cannot keep up. One morning we wake and everyday reality is shifting into something almost unrecognizable. Many of us might have felt this as the experience of war seeps through Europe, reaching far and wide. It is all connected and wherever we are, it affects us.

Now more than ever, it is important to keep hold of our practice and ask the Spirits to help keep us steady. To remember what is at our core and keep connecting to Power. Whatever situation we are in, we can ask for help to stay present in ourselves, to make wise decisions and find good directions. Even when change is sweeping through our outer or inner landscapes, we can feel the firmness of the soil under our feet, and shift our awareness to that which feels stable.

Sometimes you just have to find one thing – one thing that helps you to keep your balance, that helps you to stay in the moment, that helps you to find your way. Deepening trust in the networks that hold us; tending our roots so they reach far below the surface.

Wherever we are, the Earth is beneath our feet. It has supported us all our lives. It is here and we are in touch. There is a Center which will hold.   


Wherever we are on our path, we can always learn more. Life is ever changing and as we live our practice and apply our teachings, we find ourselves further on with new challenges and invitations. When Life feels difficult, uncertain or frightening, it is especially important to keep connected and ask for help. The following missions can be done as good medicine when you are in need, or you can do them as preparation any time.

To work further, explore some of these missions:

  • Ask for help to connect to my root strength
  • How can I walk with steady feet on the Earth?
  • What must I remember in uncertain times?

We wish you good walking through the coming time. May your Feet feel your Path.