JULY 2022

Things happen when we sit in Circle
It is a central part of our work with the Spirits
Bringing the Circle together and feeling the connection
As the Power flows through

The Circle is a birthplace, a beginning and an ending
Holding space for things to happen
There is a place for each of us here,
An invitation to step in and take part

Even in times when we may not feel the connection
it is still here, holding us and reminding us
that so much more can happen when we come together

Surrounded by circles, we are reminded of Life –
days, seasons and years – going around us,
sometimes seemingly slow, sometimes
like lightning through the circles of living
our own lives, or watching the world,
and we say, “Here we are” – now, in the Cosmos,
here constantly moving and connecting all,
until we step, lightly or heavily, into the next
cycle, and here we are once again:
The Circle, alive and round, outwardly void,
yet filled with Power, touching our hearts
as it moves across and through our lives,
sharing with all it meets on its path:
We are all in The Circle,
and The Circle is in us all

Jonathan & Zara
≈ with great thanks to Marie Bech for the picture and nature circle


There are many different ways to work with the Power of the Circle. One simple step is to allow ourselves to become more aware of Circles in our everyday life. Where do you find them today?

We can be in Circle with Humans, with our Home, with Spirits, Trees, Rocks, Water and all of Nature. We can sit outside and feel ourselves sitting in Circle with whatever is around us. We can sit inside and make a space to sit together with Life.  

In times when we feel isolated or alone, we can ask for help to sense the greater Circle of Life. If it feels difficult, start small and connect to one part – maybe a special place or something you love – and feel how it is to be in Circle together; How Life flows between you.

The more attention and awareness we bring to Circles, the more this extraordinary Power can grow in our lives. To explore further, try these missions for a journey or a medicine walk:

  • What is my next step in opening to the Power of the Circle?
  • What local circles would benefit from me engaging with them?
  • Ask for help to feel connected to the Circle of Life