Here in the Harvest times, so much is given and on offer. Life is abundant and it is a wonderful time to glory in the gifts of nature.

But how do we see what we are offered? How easy is it to acknowledge it with an open heart? How much do we allow ourselves to receive what is given? Can we rejoice in the act of receiving, as a natural part of life? Can we allow ourselves to open more full to what is on offer now?

When we open and allow ourselves to receive, it can be easier…

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JUNE 2023 -

Looking around us, it is sometimes obvious that we are in a place of Beauty. It is easy to see. At other times, we may have to look harder and use different ways of relating. We may have a lot of assumptions about what Beauty is, and the Spirits can teach us more about what it means to them. 

What happens to Beauty, when we begin to open to it in another way? When it is not about how something looks on the surface, but how it carries its essence, or how it harmonises with what is a…

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APRIL 2023 -

Home can be not only a place but also a state of being

Every day we come home. Come home to how we live, to how we breathe, to who we are. Wherever we are, whoever we are, we can connect to this place within us, and through this, connect to the world.

Sometimes it can feel difficult to find or locate this place. Where is the center, this calm still place that knows it is home? How do I find it?

When all around us is wild and moving, where do we go? What is the core that we must neve…

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JULY 2022

Things happen when we sit in Circle
It is a central part of our work with the Spirits
Bringing the Circle together and feeling the connection
As the Power flows through

The Circle is a birthplace, a beginning and an ending
Holding space for things to happen
There is a place for each of us here,
An invitation to step in and take part

Even in times when we may not feel the connection
it is still here, holding us and reminding us
that so much more can happen when we come together

Surrounded …

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1 Åsbacka DP Spring


“You are not alone”. Many times have we said these words on courses and in circles. The Spirits are with us all the time, if we remember to reach out and open. But how do we remember? It is up to us to connect, but it is not always easy when time is tight or we feel weak, tired or stressed. Often it is hardest to ask for help when we most need it.

A good place to begin is where you are right now – right where you live. You can choose to relate to your home, your local area or wor…

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Here we are, still in a relatively new year, with much that is unformed and unknown ahead of us. Even though we do not always know where we are going, when we stand firmly planted on the Earth, connected to the Spirits, we know we have the support to be with what comes.

Now we want to warmly welcome you to our newly renovated website. It still lives at but has been updated, expanded and reorganized. The last time we made a major rebuild was 10 years ago and we are so h…

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AUTUMN 2011 -

Sometimes life takes us by surprise. Recently I came to hear about The Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers ( and right after got the chance to go to Göteborg to listen and learn from two of them - Sámi healer Laila Spik and Hopi elder Mona Polacca. This turned out to be a wonderful, heart-opening, and encouraging experience. They talked about their cultural traditions, about environmental changes, global warming, and the Hopi Prophecy. They talked about no…

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Many of us recognize the importance of finding and following our own path. My own life experience has been that sometimes I find my path to be be hard and stony, sometimes smooth, sometimes inspiring, sometimes boring, and sometimes it just didn’t seem to be there at all - even though it always is.

In January, I volunteered to be Firekeeper for our International Shamanic Community (ISC). The Firekeeper takes on the responsibility of tending the spirit fire of the community for …

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SPRING 2013 -

It was a long winter, but now it seems we can finally say “Spring is here!” How wonderful to walk on the bare Earth, feeling that raw, re-awakening power come up through the snow-flattened grass. I always become more Earth-conscious in the Springtime, the joy of the early days of smells and textures in the air, the new shoots penetrating through last year’s leaves, the brush of green on the willow, hazel and beech.

This joy is sometimes dampened by the constant reminders that som…

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SPRING 2016 -

As we move towards the edge of Summer, I look back on the Springtime and its many bounties. Being in residence at Schumacher College for six weeks with Zara was a very special experience that brought so much together for me from my 30 years of teaching. We taught several courses but our presence there was also much more than that. I was able to call on all the gifts I have learned and received from my shamanic path, and share it with others. It showed me how shamanism can be at th…

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