Here in the Harvest times, so much is given and on offer. Life is abundant and it is a wonderful time to glory in the gifts of nature.

But how do we see what we are offered? How easy is it to acknowledge it with an open heart? How much do we allow ourselves to receive what is given? Can we rejoice in the act of receiving, as a natural part of life? Can we allow ourselves to open more full to what is on offer now?

When we open and allow ourselves to receive, it can be easier to change. It can flow with natural ease and reach us more fully.

What are you being offered at this time? How do you want to receive it? How will it change you?

When we change, the world around us changes too. What can help us to open to life, open to change, open to receiving? A simple and powerful way is to keep the lines of communication open. To pay attention to what we see, hear, feel, to what we are shown. This helps us to walk with awareness in the world and continue to be curious and courageous. 

What also helps is connection. A good way to work is to stay in regular touch with a specific Power Place. Maybe in wild nature, maybe closer to home, or maybe even a Spirit Power Place you have been taken to in a journey.

By going there regularly, every few weeks, you build a partnership and can receive help, support, inspiration, space. We can sit in trust and friendship with the Power Place and speak from our hearts. We can be heard and  we can listen to the deep response, even if it seems silent. We do not have to do it alone. We can remember our Spirit partners and ask for help.

When we do this, a natural circulation of Power opens. It makes it easier to receive, when we are connected in flow. We can engage with this energy by opening our senses more fully to Life and what it so generously gives - the Power of Connection, the depth of Partnership and the nourishment of Love for this way of being.


If you would like to explore Receiving more fully this Autumn, we suggest going on a Medicine Walk or a drum journey.  In this way we not only understand, but experience the teachings and come to embody them. It helps to create a more expanded sense of how we personally can work with it and bring it to our everyday life. It shifts it from an idea or concept, to a lived reality guided by the Spirits. 

If you would like to practice opening to receive, and notice what happens when you do, we hope you find these missions helpful. Engaging with them can make space for the joy and gratitude that comes through recognising the beauty of what is given, and how it connects us to Life:

  • Ask for help to receive more fully

  • Journey to the Spirit of a Power Place and ask how can we work together in this changing time

  • What is my next step in opening to the gifts of Life?