JUNE 2023 -

Looking around us, it is sometimes obvious that we are in a place of Beauty. It is easy to see. At other times, we may have to look harder and use different ways of relating. We may have a lot of assumptions about what Beauty is, and the Spirits can teach us more about what it means to them. 

What happens to Beauty, when we begin to open to it in another way? When it is not about how something looks on the surface, but how it carries its essence, or how it harmonises with what is around it. Maybe we can hear the Song of Beauty if we listen more closely?

What do you expect from Beauty? How do you relate to it in your Life? What more would you like to learn about it? Maybe it is more important than we think.

As we walk with the Spirits in the Living World, we are taken to places we may never have imagined. 

Open your eyes, see with your heart, and listen with your whole being. 

Beauty is waiting for us to discover it anew.



It can be fascinating to reflect on what we ourselves feel about certain aspects of Life. However, when we go to the Spirits, a deeper learning takes place. We realise there is much more to discover, with new perspectives and different relations. Here we receive it in another way, so it becomes part of us.

If you would like to expand your awareness about Beauty, real teachings come when we go on a Medicine Walk or a drum journey. Here we do not only understand, but experience the possibilities of Beauty and its role in Life. Here we can touch it with our soul and connect with is teachings. We can look with Spirit eyes and dance with its wisdom. We hope you enjoy exploring these missions:

  • Go for a Medicine Walk to recognise Beauty around me

  • How can I bring the Power of Beauty to my Life?

  • Please teach me about Spirit aspects of Beauty