MAY 2023 -

The stream is flowing, calling with every note 

as the fresh water tumbles over the rocks

Listen, even the thrush is inviting you

Rejoicing in the sun

The green stretches, opening wide

A simple day, so rich and full

Life is here. Let us join the dance


During Spring, Life energy is everywhere. It is a good time to enjoy being alive. However busy we may be, Spring is an opportunity to appreciate beauty, and spend time with miracles unfolding in Nature. Bringing our attention and presence to small intimate moments can be hugely rewarding, both in the joy they give and the close connection we experience as we stop and look deeply. As we watch plants budding, sprouting, unfurling, stretching, we too come to learn more about this phase of Life and what it is teaching us today. We can allow Life to touch us and feel ourselves tapping into the exuberant flow. 

For more personal teachings, go to the Spirits or Nature with one of these missions:

  • Ask for help to open to Life’s invitations

  • How can I dance with the Power of Spring?

  • What in my life needs room to grow and unfold?