Slowly I stir into Being

Remembering what it means

to come to Life again

Slowly I stretch 

feeling the joy of opening

Breathing freely once more

I shake loose

and see that you too

are here, we are so many

Awakening, again

to Life and its possibilities


Although Springtime is still some way away here in Scandinavia, seeds are waking under ground and starting to get ready. Now stirs a new beginning, coming into being, even if we cannot see it yet. Changes at this time of year can be subtle and it is important to give them room to grow. Even when they are not visible, we need to remember that they are there.

It is a good time to set an intention for how you wish seeds to grow, and feel a sense of direction for where to go with it. Each season offers different energies and gifts, helping us to work with their natural movement. What does Nature offer you when you engage with it at this time of year? 

To find more, ask the Spirits or Nature with one of these missions: 

  • How can I recognise the possibilities I am being offered?

  • What seeds need tending in my life now and how can I do it?

  • Ask for help to move with the Power of this Season

We wish you a great Spring awakening