OCTOBER 2022 -

As leaves let go and branches remain, a different view emerges. In its nakedness, Autumn brings an opportunity to see more clearly where we are. Here we can stand in an essential way, with our life as it is now.

The ideas and plans and hopes we might have for this day, or for tomorrow, can rest a while. In this time, nothing new needs to grow. Instead we can let that which is finished to fall away. And stand, like Trees, not reaching for anything, but letting leaves go and dancing in the Wind

As we allow space to remain open, we fill it with nothing but our breath

At this time, maybe we do not need to know more


If you would like to make more room in your life and engage with open space, you can work together with the Spirits to get the help you need. Sometimes it can be hard to stay with openness and not fill it. It can require patience, trust and skill. It can also be helpful to remember why you want to do it. 

Maybe you feel a longing to breathe more openly, or to make more space in your life. Maybe being open feels difficult and strange but still something you want to explore. Maybe you want to learn more about how life can be when you move with the Seasons and what they offer. Whatever your interest is in this area, the Spirits and Nature will continue to teach us, if we ask them for help.

To find out more, you might want to try these missions for a journey to the Spirits or a medicine walk in Nature: 

  • How can I cultivate open space in my life? 

  • Ask for help to dance with the Power of this Season

  • What do I need to let go of now and how can I do it?

Autumn blessings
Jonathan & Zara