Walking through this time of year, there is much coming to fruition: berries, nuts, fruits, pumpkins, beans and corn. This is the end of a cycle that has been working deeply all year – and also a beginning, new seeds forming already now for the future.

In our lives too, certain aspects are ripening. Maybe a process or project we have been sowing, hoeing, watering and weeding, is now growing into maturity. It can be an important moment to mark.

How do we recognize it? How do we know when it is time to harvest? As the plum or apple ripens, we touch and taste and notice. We give our attention to what is longing to be released and shared. It is the same in our lives – look and listen with intention, and it will become clear. Another way is to ask the Spirits to hear what they say – it may surprise you. It can also help you prepare, because when the time comes, it is vital to acknowledge that which is ripe, and set it free so it does not go to waste.

So we invite you to take some time to consider: what is ripening in you now? In your life? In your communities? What is ready to be shared? And what new seeds lie at the core of this harvest?

It takes time. Wait. It’s coming.

First the flower and the bee,

then the petals fall to the earth.

The rains arrive and so the Sun –

we can’t push them, but they know.

You must trust. Soon the fruit starts to show.

But wait! Wait for that red blush -

One day, there it is, its cheek to the sky.

Let it ripen. Go ahead, reach up,

touch it. But don’t pull - wait!

Soon enough it will drop into your hand

Ready to continue to share its joy

of Life with you and all Creation.

Jonathan & Zara


Harvest Seasons offer so much Power – not only in the nourishment we receive, but also in the essence of its mature energy. Life is flowing in the gifts Nature offers us at this time. We can also find this Power in the gifts we have to share. This is the time to allow that which is full to flow out into the world, to enjoy the ripe moment and the full body of its being. The harvest teaches us what we have to share and to share what we have.

To explore further, try these missions for a journey to the Spirits or a medicine walk in Nature:

  • What in my life is ready to harvest now?
  • How can I share the fruits of my work with others?
  • Ask for help to fully flow with the ripening process

May you enjoy this time and the blessings it brings.