In literature and philosophy, rivers have long been used as a poetic analogy for Life, and with good reason. Rivers are born as a spring, where the water bubbles up from the depths of the Earth, just as we are born from our mothers. As they flow down the mountainside, they gain in power – just as we become more and more physically powerful as we grow. The river becomes stronger and carries a heavier load as it moves along, but in times of drought it can shrivel to a trickle, and with the Autumn storms the river can burst its banks, sweeping away all in its path.  

Eventually, as it nears the sea, it appears to become quiet, even though the volume is greater than ever before. But still waters run deep. Though the surface seems calm, more is going on underneath than we can imagine. Water, like Life, continues in constant movement, even though it may look the same. The water we see today from the riverbank is not the same water we saw yesterday – or will see tomorrow.

One of the main purposes of having a shamanic practice, or any spiritual practice, is to help us to find – and keep – our balance in the ever-changing world. To help us to step forward on our paths with power. To help us navigate the River of Life under any circumstances, and remind us that we are a part of the River, and that The River is a part of us.

Leaving the more direct route
Longing for a place to pause
Turning towards the unknown
Back to where Gifts lie waiting
Peace opens wide
Space to rest
Watching the River
For a moment
Out of Time
Unfold and flow
Clear and sure
Receiving refreshment
We go on

Jonathan & Zara


If Life is a River, where do you find yourself now? On the banks, sitting quietly as the Water flows by? Are you swimming downstream, or wading up? Barely staying afloat? Maybe there are raging torrents? Whatever the movement, how does it feel to be here? Is there a sense of rightness or do you wish for change?

Sitting with a River can be a helpful meditation, as we listen and connect to its song, its flow and its Power. You can ask the River for guidance, or you can come simply to listen and be together with Water.

To explore further, you may want to try one of these missions:

  • How can I honour Water at this time?
  • What do I need to help me flow with Life?
  • Ask for navigate the currents I am in

Wishing you a vibrant Summer