MAY 2022

Sometimes it can be easy to lose oneself. Maybe it is because we are running too fast, with too much to do. Maybe we expect a lot of ourselves or opt for an easy way out. Perhaps we are facing great change. At such times, the ground can feel loose or shaky, and we become uncertain. We may make choices that do not feel quite right and regret creeps in with a growing sense of unease.

What happens to our souls when we are not true to who we are? Avoiding the truth can, over time, make our souls feel flat, dull or disheartened. If you feel that you are denying your essence in some way, welcome this as an invitation to reconnect. Come home to the truth of this moment and ask the Spirits, or Nature, for help to meet it. Being real helps to sustain connection to Power

Who am I, when I allow myself to stand naked, showing me to myself? When I listen to the longing in my soul?

Sometimes it can be easy to blame others for not seeing us or understanding us. But blame is a dead-end street that brings resentment. Instead we can turn to ourselves and ask: What do I need in this moment?

Questions are good companions for the road. They help us to stay connected and open. With shamanic practice, we take our heartfelt questions to the Spirits and receive good guidance. The Spirits cannot live life for us, but they can help us to see where we are and support us on a path to clarity, choice and change.

Sometimes we want to be somewhere else than where we are. Maybe it is uncomfortable to be Here, frustrating, or confusing. Or maybe it is wonderful. Wherever Here is, it holds a truth which we can step in to. If you take this moment to be right Here, where do you find yourself? What does it show you?

Wherever we are, we stand here – the only place to be – and ask for help: Help me to meet myself as I am in this moment. Help me to welcome the truth of this moment and bring it forward into Life. Being true to the moment is being true to oneself.

Jonathan & Zara


Working with the truth of your life from a shamanic perspective can be surprising and empowering. There are different aspects to consider: how you are truthful to yourself, how to speak true words in the world, how to be true to the Spirits and what they teach us. If you would like to explore this, we recommend starting with what calls you the most. Truthfulness in one area of our lives will often encourage more truth to grow in other parts.

To work further, you might want to try one of these missions:

  • What is my next step living in a way that is true for me at this time
  • How can I come to know the truth of my soul?
  • Ask for help feel the Power of Truth in my life

Wishing you an Abundant Summer