We are in a time of transition. Here in the North we are now in the Dark Season, a place of magical stillness and peace, going slow and turning within. There is much Power here, a reflecting Power, like the Moon shining on a still pond. It can help us to look deeper and see more clearly. As we slow down and become quiet, we begin to find ourselves again.

Before going on, we make room for reflection. A pause, a breath, a stillness before beginning. In this seemingly empty space, we rest and release, sift and sort, give space to silence and come to clarity. Standing still, we open. Open to where we are, what this year has brought. Open into what we have learned and discovered. Time for reflection is essential to life. How do we make space for it in busy days? How much do we dare to give it real value, ceasing constant activity and coming to rest?

In Winter, we walk in the dusk and spend time with Darkness. It has much to teach us and offers great healing. The restorative power of rest helps us to recover from depletion. The Earth also needs rest and recuperation, from the huge and constant extraction and insistent interference. Rest is built into ecosystems as a vital part of life and we need to let it help us too.

We will soon be moving into our Winter hibernation. Before planning the future, we take time to restore, recover, and reconnect. Space to listen, being with not-knowing. Sitting with the Spirits, embracing the darkness, letting it help us emerge with insight and inspiration. Welcome the Power of these times


As Nature slows down, so it can be easier for us to go slow too. It can be good to take time to walk outside and feel the rhythm of the season as it comes to you. Feel yourself attuning to the deeper heartbeat of the Earth, and walk together. You may also want to tune in to the Earth and drum, rattle or sing, letting it lead and you follow.

Another practice at this time of year is to spend time with the Dark and get to know it more deeply. Walking outside during dusk without a light helps you to see how much is here, and gain night vision. How does your neighbourhood feel and look in the dark, if you spend time with it, even by sitting still and listening? Who do you see here? How does the place feel?

In Sweden there is an old tradition of “kura skymning”, to sit silently in the twilight, indoor or out, without any lights. Once it is fully dark, you light one candle and feel the change. Instead of shutting the dark out, we can welcome it and learn to be in good relationship.

This is also a good time to take care of that which needs your attention before the new year at Solstice. What do you need to finish up? What preparations will help you to become ready to say goodbye to the old year?

If you want to work more deeply, we offer these formulations for missions:

  • Ask for help to open to the deep power of rest
  • What do I need to finish or end now and how can I do it?
  • Ask to see the teachings and gifts of the year through your eyes, Spirits

We wish you Magical Times
Zara, Jonathan, Annette