Many people I meet wonder about the meaning or mission of their life, what they can do to make a difference, or to feel their life has value. In the Western world, people and media are often preoccupied with the question "who am I?", as if knowing this will solve all their mysteries and the problems of the world. But from many years of doing shamanic work, I feel there is a more essential and rewarding question: "how do I want to live?"

My Teacher once said to me, “Now that you are alive, you might as well live.” This seemingly small step brought big change. It is such an amazing miracle to be alive. How can we enjoy the gifts it has to offer us? Rather than worry about if we are good enough, why not simply accept the shining light of who we are?

As living beings we are filled with the Power of the Universe, and as people who work with shamanism, we have direct access to that power. We carry it with us with each step, each in-breath and out-breath, each drum-beat of our hearts. This gives both a joy and a wonderful responsibility, and we have the ability to respond to the amazing world around us. Merely by accepting the responsibility of being alive, we shine our light, encouraging others to shine theirs. And this is only the beginning.

We all have so much to offer, and the more we share it, the more vibrant and brilliant it becomes. Let our lights shine as bright as the Midsummer Nights!

- Jonathan -