SUMMER 2018 -

For me, the practice of shamanism is about bringing power over the bridge from the Spirit world to the physical world. This power belongs to no one. It is the essence of the Universe. How can I call it “mine”? Possessive pronouns – my, mine, yours, ours, theirs - are real troublemakers and therefore great teachers, if we pay attention. When I first started with shamanic practice, it was with the simple desire of wanting to feel more at home on Earth. I had no wish to become a healer or “a shaman.” I just wanted to feel I was at home – that I am here. As I came to know my Spirit helpers and deepen my relationship with them, I found that I wanted to share the power I received and felt. It seemed like such a natural progression.

The world situation today is desperate. From a shamanic perspective, what we see in consumerist culture is a huge lack of real nourishment. Those of us in so-called “developed countries” are devouring far more than our share of the Earth’s resources. This is the road to ecocide. So often, we are tempted to consume – to make things “mine” – in the hope of finding self-worth and a sense of value. Looking through the eyes of the Spirits we see huge amounts of soul-loss, both individually, as a society and ecologically. With so many holes in our souls, we are easy prey for those who want to sell us things we don’t need. This is not nourishment – this is addiction.

Part of how shamanic work can make a difference today is to bring soul back to life. As we heal and receive nourishment, magic happens: we begin to feel that we need less and want to share more. Some things miraculously grow as we give them further: love, laughter, inspiration, knowledge. Instead of fearing that we will have less by sharing, we find there is so much more. We work together – with each other, with the Spirits, and with the Earth. In this way, we are living in a constant cycle of giving and receiving. Sharing is the power of the universe.

With Love, Jonathan & Zara