AUTUMN 2018 -

On a misty day you can see forever
If you close your eyes and
Listen to the sound of the clouds
Caressing the mountain’s face
Then there are no secrets
To be kept away from anyone
You only have to listen

This year has been a time of deepening for us. A time not so much about the new or finding more, but being deeper with where we are. Peeling off the layers, letting them fall away and allowing them to enrich us.

Shamanic practice is a kind of spiritual archeology. On every course and retreat, we watch people dig deeper and come closer to who they really are. Every day we see more clearly that for each of us, at the center of our being, there is an essential core made of the Power of the Universe.

As the leaves fall from the trees, so we too can let go and become more naked, uncovering our natural connection to Life and to the wisdom of the Spirits. Sometimes there is no need to go anywhere. Sometimes we only need to stand still. Sometimes we only need to open, to what is already here.

With Love, Jonathan & Zara