Often in everyday life we find ourselves under pressure or caught up in a rush, trying to reach a destination, achieve a result, or find an answer. Both time and space are entities many people feel they do not have enough of - but Time is an elastic magical creature and we can work shamanically with it. Consciously deciding to make more space and take more time are strong intentions and essential tools of a spiritual practice. We can slow down and come into ourselves, we can allow the world to open and purposefully give our attention to what is around us – be it family or friends, Spirits or Nature, ideas or feelings. Rather than hunt for a solution, we can allow it to come and reveal itself to us. We can value the place of listening, taking time to hear the world, and to hear ourselves. From this place we can make better choices and move into vibrant action. 

This coming year, some of our courses will be a little longer than usual. We want to create more time and space to allow people to go deeper into the experience. When we really let go of ordinary life worries and step into the world of the Spirits, many things can happen. Time becomes a gift both to ourselves and to our Spirits, and helps to build our relationship with them stronger and stronger. As we give our time to them, they can give power and guidance to us.

We invite you to discover more inner space in the new year: to do less and learn more. Every step in life can be a step on a medicine walk when we keep our attention and intention. Expanding our selves in this way, time will also begin to stretch and give the Spirits more room to work. Time is not a given and we can learn much from Nature and the Spirits about our dance with it. The deeper we go, the more we will find. 

Whatever you do this magical Midwinter, and in the year to come, whether it is on a retreat or at home, at work or on the road – we wish you the gift of time, allowing you to slow down, find your rhythm and connect more deeply with life. 

Zara, Jonathan, Annette