AUTUMN 2019 -

When teaching, we often hear ourselves say: “The Circle is my Home.” We have come to feel the truth of this more and more. The feeling of sitting together, around a center, sharing intention, touches the heart and soul. In the Circle we see people begin to heal and become more themselves. We see them open to the Spirits and to new possibilities. In a Circle, we don’t all have to be the same. We don’t have to be anyone else but ourselves. We learn from each other’s experiences and become more because we share. This is a beautiful way of being.

We know it is possible to take this way into the world. It is possible to sit in circle even when we are not physically doing so, and even with people who may never have sat in circle or who have no wish to do so. We can still respond to them as if we are sitting in circle. We do this by remembering that we are here together and working as a whole. Sometimes that is all it takes to shift a stuck situation at work, or in your home life. It can change the energy and change our attitude. Just holding space for a Circle to be possible can bring change. This is something we can all do, wherever we are. 

Much of consumerist society is built on competition and hierarchy, on the illusion that we can reach “the top”. Instead of competing, we can choose a life that is more circular in nature. Every day we have a choice of whether we want to “win" at the expense of someone else losing, or whether we want to commit to a deep trust in the Circle as a way of life. Wherever we go - at work, in nature, at home, while travelling - we can choose to meet people with the feeling of the Circle in our hearts. 

Living shamanically, we know the Circle does not only include humans but extends much further to animals, plants, elements, and Spirits. When we remember that the Earth is one huge Circle, we can all feel our place. We all belong. The Earth is our Home. 

Jonathan & Zara