As we move into the next phase of this special time, it can be helpful to consider – after all you have experienced these weeks, where are you now? What has changed? What do you want to leave behind? What do you want to bring with you? What is your deepest wish for what we are about to step into as we cross the coming thresholds?

As many countries begin to open up, it can be tempting to “go back to normality”, even in small ways in our daily lives. When we are tired or worn down, it would be so much easier to fall back into the familiar that we know so well, instead of staying on the cusp of uncertainty. This can be a hard place to be as we have to work at keeping our balance and connection. But this is where we are.

There is so much potential and possibility being offered, as we move through this crisis. It can make such a difference if we stay present and keep hold of our clearest and most heartfelt intention. If we keep the space open to the change that is being birthed. If we take time to find out more about what the Spirits are asking of us; What the Earth is saying; What our part is as we step forward?

Perseverance is a quality that can help as we go through challenging changes. The Spirit of Perseverance can provide strength and stamina. It can help us remember why we do what we do and what we want to commit to. Perseverance helps us to keep our focus – as we chew our way through news cycles and statistics - focus on what we believe is possible.

This is a time for strong intention and clear vision. This is a time to keep going. To work in partnership with the Earth for continued healing for the whole. To continue asking for guidance from our Spirits so we can build the future together. This is a time to learn what we need to take with us into the rest of our lives.

Shamanic work often inspires us to find new visions and helps us to see beyond the surface. It can create magic and open up unexpected solutions. As you meet the coming time, please remember who you are and what your heart longs for. Please remember that your Spirits are right here beside you. Please remember that you can always ask for help.

Together with the Springtime energy, what we do now can grow new life and feed a vibrant future vision. Let’s continue to encourage and nourish each other in whatever ways we can.

- Jonathan, Zara, Annette -