In Scandinavia, we are arriving in the dark time. The time of going within, resting and dreaming. Of finding deep knowledge and guidance for the time to come, opening to new possibilities that are beginning to grow.

The gifts of Winter are many. It can be easy to look past them, wishing for brighter warmth, but this is the time now. As always with shamanic work, it is easier to work with Power than against it, and so it is with the Seasons. Every season is alive. Every season has its powers. Learning to work with Winter and flow with its particular energy can be very inspiring. Do like the Sun and stand still. Listen. Open. Find yourself in tune with what is here now; with what is happening in the sky, underground, in the waters. Maybe you want to journey to the Spirit of Winter and ask: how can I honour and receive your gifts?

The Solstice is both about welcoming the return of the Sun and giving thanks for the healing power of the dark. This year is a special Solstice and now more than ever we can take time to Celebrate all our wishes for a better world and all that we love about Life – the dreams, the joy, the gratitude and beauty, our Hopes for what is possible. Even though it has been a tough, unusual year demanding stamina and focus, there is still much to be thankful for. Finding those treasures in your heart, that you truly feel grateful for, can be deeply healing – both for ourselves and for the World around us. Giving thanks to the Water, giving thanks to the Air, giving thanks to the Soil, giving thanks to the Fire, both away in the sky and in the heart of our planet. This is a beautiful world: there is much to be grateful for and there is also much that needs to be done to help the World remain vibrantly alive.

When we work with the Power of the Season, we work with what is. As we have been asked to stay more at home this year, we can take time to find our way to what home means for us. If we have been asked to stay inside, then we can go even deeper within. If we have found ourselves less active, we can take time to be with stillness.
Winter invites us to listen deeply, into the silence. Listen to hear what is waiting to be born. These dark days are a doorway into a vast landscape of possibility. So may this be our work now, together with the Spirits - dreaming the world anew.

~ Jonathan and Zara ~