Sometimes we stand naked before change
All of our leaves gone, our defenses down
with what we have left, pared away 
to our most essential being in this moment
our past our present our future boiling 
inside us, becoming who we are born to be

Sometimes we stand together, within reach of one another
Finding support in the swaying branches of our kin
The wind sweeps us clean, bending not breaking
The rain anoints, releasing our thirst
The sun warms the roots to awaken power
The earth connecting beginning and end

Every day a new season, every day a new song
Every day the Sun sets, and rises again from the Moon
Change sometimes comes unbidden
The temptation is to hide, grit our teeth and wait 
What can we do with this fear, this pain, this longing, this loss?
But touch it and see, how to say goodbye
A new day is dawning to a bigger rhythm thundering in my heart

Transform the barren into fruitfulness
Bring dead branches to feed the fire
Spring is here, the ever-new beginning 
Beckoning us to join the dance
All of Creation is waiting for us 
to be touched by Life, again and again and again 

~ Jonathan and Zara ~