SEK 1,200.00 (including 25% moms)

Connect to Soul through creative intuition and word medicine Begins 3 Aug: 5 sessions, every Wednesday in August. 19.30-21.00 CEST. Taught in English by Zara Waldebäck. Open to everyone.

SEK 2,000.00 (including 25% moms)

4 week online introduction to shamanism focusing on Rattles, Nature and Song

SEK 4,000.00 (including 25% moms)

Working in partnership with the Earth and Spirits of Nature for our mutual well-being and survival

SEK 1,000.00 (including 25% moms)

Exploring Peace and Power from a shamanic perspective. Begins 4 March: 3 sessions, once every 3 weeks. Fridays 19.00-21.00 CET. Held in English by Jonathan Horwitz & Zara Waldebäck

SEK 2,000.00 (including 25% moms)
SEK 2,000.00 (including 25% moms)