Connect to Soul through creative intuition and word medicine during magic Midwinter times

THURSDAYS, 19-20.30 CET, 5 sessions weekly, 1 Dec to 29 Dec

* You are welcome to book even if you can’t come to all sessions *


In the Dark Times of Winter, space opens up that encourages us to rest, turn inward and listen deeply. Here we can meet and dream into being that which is to come. By learning to listen in a quiet way, we begin to touch the special qualities that Winter brings. There is much to find in the Darkness if we get to know it and embrace it. Engaging with it on its own terms can make this a  powerful time, where we find treasures to help guide us in the year to come. 

This online course is an opportunity to make space for yourself and explore what the soul longs to express. Working with the magic of words as a way to connect with soulfulness, these weekly sessions give the Soul space to be heard through simple writing exercises and clear guided meditations. Accessing personal resources and wisdom, we can find our way and make good decisions for the future that help our Soul to sing. 

Each week we explore different themes that resonate with Winter Dreaming. We will use our Imagination to travel through Time and come into contact with Dreams that wait to be heard. Moving through Silence and Stillness, we will discover the Gifts of Darkness in Space. We will look for the Spark and Creative Fire and welcome new Beginnings that are hoping to Open.

As we write, listen and connect in this guided way, our senses become alive and more attuned. It invites us to be true to who we are, in a deep and genuine way. There is so much knowledge resonating in our body, mind and soul, waiting to be discovered.

Intuitive writing helps us to come into contact with parts of ourselves that we may not yet be aware of.  It helps us to find our place in the World and receive inspiration from a deeper source. Enjoy meeting your deeper self through writing exercises and guided meditations, and find inspiration for how to carry on at home. The Way of Words is an evocative tool that is at hand whenever you need it.

In daily life it can be hard to find time to listen but by asking clear questions and engaging with creative keys, we find there is much already here. We have great personal resources and treasure houses of wisdom and we can learn to access them.

Imagination plays a key role in life. It can be a major resource in problem solving and idea creation. In this realm we can explore that which we may not believe possible otherwise. When we learn to let the imagination lead the way, we can befriend it, trust it and allow it to become a powerful ally.

When we open space for our Soul, there is so much waiting to be heard. Will you listen?

The session consists of 1.15 hr taught time, with 15 mins held writing space at the end, to help you gather what you found in the session.

This helps you make regular time for yourself every week and experience that changes that happen when you do.

** Please be aware that this is not a course in how to write. It offers intuitive writing as a tool to open up and hear ourselves in a deeper way. This course is open to all - you do not need any previous experience, only a wish to explore writing with soul. 


Meeting 5 Thursdays 2022:
1 Dec - 8 Dec - 15 Dec - 22 Dec - 29 Dec


The meetings are 1.5 hrs, 
7-8.30pm CET Scandinavian


Choose the right price for you:
1250 SEK - 920 SEK - 700 SEK

This online course is taught by Zara in English. You can take part by joining live meetings or by listening to sessions in your own time.

In between meetings, you have access to audio recordings and an online course space where you can share reflections, ask questions and connect with other participants. There is no work in between meetings unless you wish to build on what you found in the session.

This course is open to all, no experience with writing is necessary.

** You are welcome to join the course even if you can’t come to all the meetings. You can come to some sessions or enjoy the course in your own time and listen to it only as recordings. We very much recommend listening to them in the order they are presented.

Once you book, you will receive more information about how to join. If you cannot find this information, please search in your spam bin or promotions email folders.

We will meet 5 times, once a week: 

1 Dec  –  8 Dec  –  15 Dec  –  22 Dec  –  29 Dec

The live meetings are on a Thursday, 7-8.30pm CET Scandinavian time.
They are 1.30 hrs, with a short break, held via Zoom.

Please note: Teaching session runs 1.15 hr + 15 ms held writing space at the end.

To make it accessible, this workshop is offered at three different price levels. Please choose the one that is right for you. Whatever price you choose, it covers 5 sessions plus emails with writing inspiration:

1250 SEK - 920 SEK - 700 SEK

There are no refunds on online courses, once you book it is binding.  

You will need to connect to the Zoom meetings via a computer, tablet or phone. If you have never taken part in an online circle, it is very simple and you will get technical guidance to help you prepare.