MARCH 2023 -

Each new day opens us to many possibilities. How will we respond? Sometimes it is easy to see where we are going and what the right choice is. Sometimes the road seems muddy and hard going, and we become bogged down, confused, uncertain. Trusting can be hard when we feel vulnerable, hurt or alone, without solid ground under our feet. 

Yet here we are, alive and present, still able to take a breath. We come back to ourselves and remember what we long for.

Life does not come with guarantees. Whatever we do, the world can respond in surprising or unexpected ways. If we do not get what we hoped for it can seem that we are knocked off course and have lost our way. Maybe we start to worry that we took a wrong turn. Yet here we are. Right in this place.  

In these times we can ask for help to trust that we are still on our path. That we are always on our path. We can ask for help to see more clearly where we are, and not let our expectations blind us. We can ask for help to open to the teaching or gift in a situation and go beyond what we think is possible. 

Trust is more than believing that ‘everything will be all right’. Trust also means ‘everything IS all right’. Remembering to trust can help us to stay present to the moment. Choosing to trust can keep us calm and connected, and realise that there is a bigger picture evolving. 

There may come a time when we know we need to take a step, that Life is waiting for us to leap

In this moment we can remember to also trust ourselves

Trust that we are where we need to be

Trust that the time is right

Trust that the Earth holds us and that the Spirits know us

Connect with the Earth beneath your feet and remember who you are. 

Open the gate and let your heart receive. 



Trust is something we need to work on regularly on as we go through Life. It is a never ending journey and we can always find out more and see how to relate to it in different situations.

At times we feel we have gone back to the beginning and need to start over. Or maybe we hit a rocky patch and need to take stock and dive deeper. Sometimes we may need to stand still and remember to breathe. Sometimes we know it is time to jump and remember even more why we want to trust and why we choose to trust, and feel ourselves in the supportive embrace of the Spirits. 

To find out more, ask the Spirits or Nature for personal teachings using one of these missions:

  • Ask for help to walk with Trust

  • What do I need to open more fully to trust?

  • How can I trust my path at this time?