JANUARY 2023 -

Every ending is a beginning. We walk out of this space and step into another. Look around. What do you see? That tree you are looking at - what does it see when it looks back at you, on the threshold with the closed door behind you?

The World has just been re-created. Your next step and your next breath are your last in this life, becoming your first step and breath as they take you into a new existence – over and over and over

The message of individuality, which many of us received from childhood, is that we are ultimately alone, while the message we receive from our shamanic experience is that we are not alone: We are a part of the whole. We are connected.

The power that flows though the Universe flows through our nervous systems, our blood streams, the food on our plate, the apple tree on the country road, the Earth’s path around the Sun and the Moon’s reflected glow. And it flows through our breathing and our being. Failures and victories are behind us, preparing us for a new life of embracing and embodying the perfection of the Universe.

We can never go back. The past is gone, and we are connected to the power of this moment, dancing with the Spirits – every day, every second – sharing the power. Here we are – becoming the next step


Words can inspire and encourage us but it is also very helpful to have a direct and personal experience with Nature and the Spirits. They are the real teachers. As we go to them with heartfelt questions, they will teach us more from where we are. If you want to step into the year ahead with connection, power and guidance, we offer you a range of intentions to explore. 

You can also read the blog at the beginning of this newsletter and ask yourself: what question arises for me from these words? What do I want to ask the Spirits and get help with in relation to Tides? Not out of mere curiosity but because of a real need. Read more on our website about formulating intentions and why we feel they are integral and important to shamanic practice: https://www.shamanism.dk/formulating-intention

To find out more, ask the Spirits or Nature by journeying or taking a guided walk with one of these missions: 

  • How can I dance more fully with Life this year ?

  • Ask for help to appreciate the power of the moment

  • A Medicine Walk to ask to be seen and witnessed by Nature

We wish you an inspiring and nourishing year