AUTUMN 2013 -

Today I woke up thinking about Time. I always start thinking about Time in the Autumn as the days grow shorter. Time - there is never enough for everything. But is that true? Busying this morning I heard myself thinking: “I’ve got to catch my breath.” Catch my breath! Sitting down, I felt my breath – breathing in – breathing out.

There is time for everything, I thought, starting with time to stop. How easy it is to blame other things, like “no time.” But there are no “other things.” There is no “other.” There is no “them.” We are. We all are. And we have the ability to respond to whatever is. But is it my responsibility to do everything? It doesn’t matter how much time we have. None of us can know that.

What matters is what we do with the time we do have. Today I will take the time to stop, the time to breathe, the time to feel my feet on the Earth, the time to reach out and touch the light as it changes as the days grow shorter, the time to feel that we all are connected and that there is no separation. Thank you, Spirits! Thank You for today!