MAY 2014 -

Walking down by the pond it is so still except for the song of a warbler. Sitting by the water, I thought over the past weeks. It has been busy with four courses in four countries working with some of the faces of power – balance, gratitude, responsibility, joy, and the spirits of nature.

Many people think of power as the power over us, but as we know it is also a surging energy that gives life-force. Power has so many faces and different ways of interacting with our lives: the power of a smile, the power of courage, the power of personal honesty, the power of a thunderstorm, the power of silence by a pond on a Spring evening – the list is without end. The world is filled with power.

To go deeper into our shamanic practice we work with power - because power is there in every moment of our lives. By learning more about power, we learn more about how the Spirits want to help us and what they ask from us. Working with Power is working with Life.

Power is not something you only connect to on a workshop or course. We can also ask the Spirits for help in our everyday lives. We can ask them for the power to be ourselves and, when change comes, for the power to change. This is what Water told me as I sat by the pond and listened.