AUTUMN 2014 -

Today, someone asked me how I feel about Åsbacka, the place where I live. I could feel the answer in my heart before the word came. And when the word came, I said “Home.” As soon as I said it, I knew that I had found a new understanding of “home”.

For me Åsbacka is not only a place to live. Åsbacka is a being – a being with whom I have a relationship. Åsbacka has needs and I have needs. We take care of each other and nourish each other in many ways. We share this space and we live here together.

Here on the kitchen wall at Åsbacka there is a calligraphy by Thich Nhat Hahn given to me by a dear friend. It says: “i have arrived, i am home”. Home happens. It happens when you feel in alignment with where you are in time and space. It can happen anywhere. It doesn’t only have to be where you live – it could be in an airport, at work or in the presence of someone you respect or love. Talking about Åsbacka, I realized that one of the goals I have in life is to feel at home no matter where I am. To know I am at home in myself and at home in the world.

As I walk through the fragrant blooming heather and listen to squirrels harvesting hazelnuts, I am reminded that the Earth is also our home. The Earth has supported us every day of our lives. Now the light changes, evenings darken and the first signs of autumn start to show. I hope you will join me in embracing the Earth as we embrace ourselves, knowing that she takes care of us and we take care of her. Knowing that, wherever we are, we have arrived. We are home.