WINTER 2015 -

The Winter Solstice is one of the great turning points of the year, and celebrates both the deepest dark and the coming of the light. Solstices and Equinoxes are thresholds - invitations to stop for a moment, to consider what has been, where we are, what is to come. When we pause during these changing times it can lessen feelings of being lost, out of step, or racing too fast. It helps to connect us to what is, right now, and to the power of the season.

The Winter Solstice is an opportunity to take time to revisit the year, and see where it has brought us. Before we step into the new, to take time to sit with what has been. Maybe it was not always what we expected, maybe there were hard times and good, maybe we know where we are now and maybe we don’t… But all of it brings gifts. Sitting in the dusk as darkness falls and, finally, lighting a candle, is a way to bring ourselves fully through the year and arrive at this point, when the Sun stands still.

What do we want to leave behind? What do we want to bring with us? What do we no longer need? What do we want to turn towards? Taking time to be with the Solstice can help us harvest what has been, and turn it into nourishment that will sustain us through the coming months. And as we harvest and become nourished, it is easier to share what we have and what we are.

During the autumn, the Spirits showed us how a part of service is to share the harvest, with a joyful heart that gives without losing. What does service mean to you? How do you want to share your harvest in the year to come? These are questions to walk with as the dark deepens and helps us to see, and as the Sun returns to light our way.

We wish you magical times of healing, inspiration and vision.

- Jonathan & Zara -