Be right here. Just be right here.
Here – where you are
Stand like the Sun, stand still at the Solstice,
Stand still in your life and see where you are.
Don’t run away. Take time 
to discover where you are
instead of looking back to where you were 
or looking forward to where you might go.
Stand still – right here, right now – 
deepening into this moment, and listen: 

Listen to what your hands are telling you
Listen to what your feet are telling you 
Listen to what your heart is telling you
Listen to what your eyes are telling you
Listen to what the Earth is calling
Listen to what the Spirits are singing
And give yourself space to stand
Space to be still, space to listen

Listen to the Wind, listen to the Water, listen to the Soil
And listen to the Fire in the life-giving Sun
Still in the Sky, right there where it is
Standing together, listen to the Sun – 
what is it saying to you now
in these days of Solstice Power?

Jonathan & Zara