AUTUMN 2020 -

As we go through Harvest days, this is a deep time to reflect on where we are. For many of us, it has not been an easy year, and it may feel like there is still a long way to go. But simply waiting for it to be over will not bring real change. There is no choice now but change. We cannot go back, we have to be where we are. Open our eyes and open hearts to the new beginnings that are waiting.

Even if you don’t know what it is, is there a way you can welcome the new growing out of these days? The harvest is a time both of endings and beginnings, of gathering together and taking stock, seeing where we have come from and what lies ahead. In the harvest season we receive what has grown through the year and is coming to fruition. It may not always be easy to see gifts in this year, but we can take time to look deeper.

Change is happening all the time, to all of us, and together with the Spirits we can face change and step into it. We can move with it, allow it to empower us, rather than fight, resist and be battered. As Jonathan’s Teacher told him years ago: Life is change, shamanism is change with power. When we ask for help, difficult situations have the potential to transform into gifts.

So how can we welcome these new beginnings? Recognising where we are helps us to get our bearings. Knowing what we have with us, what we have learned and need to remember, gives us richer resources. Keeping a clear vision and strong intention in our hearts helps us not to get lost. And keeping connected ensures that we are supported when we stumble or fall.

If you allowed the Power of this Harvest time to touch you, how would it feel? What does it bring you and how does it change you? What are the gifts this season reveals to you? What do you want to work for in this coming time, rather than against?

In Scandinavia, this is a time where Nature is filled with abundance, plenty, generosity, gratitude. As we give thanks, we remember and we become fuller. The power of the harvest can bring us what we need for the coming time, and let all we have been through transmute wisdom and energy to help us in the coming time. What do you want to harvest from this very special year?

The poet William Stafford wrote: “There’s a thread you follow. It goes among things that change. But it doesn’t change.” For the shaman that thread is the connection to the Spirit world, together with strong intent. What is your thread that runs through everything you have been doing this year? What is your thread that you will not let go of?

Whatever you look forward to, however uncertain or unknown, however challenging or terrifying, ask for help to meet it with Joy, with Power, with Love. Feel your roots deep down into the Earth, giving you steadfastness and connection. Feel your thread connecting you to your path. Let the Song of Life sing from your Heart as you remember, even now, even here: Life is strong and all around us.

Thank you for this Harvest time, may it be Blessed Times
Jonathan and Zara