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A Circle Talk with Jonathan Horwitz & Zara Waldebäck ©


In March 2020, Jonathan and Zara were due to hold a Shamanic Practice Day on the theme of Love. Because of the world health situation, it was cancelled and people booked on the course were invited to take part in an online circle instead. Here you can listen to the recording of Jonathan and Zara's talk and their thoughts and experiences of working with Love as an essential force in the universe, also in times of fear and death. It includes a short meditation ceremony at the end.

Journey mission formulations mentioned in the talk include - go to your Spirit Helpers and ask:

  • Ask for help to meet challenging situations with Love
  • What is the role of Love in my shamanic practice?
  • What is my next step in working with the Power of Love in everyday life?
  • Ask to see my life through the eyes of Love


Original course description:

Most of us are familiar with Love as a human emotion, or as a felt response in relationship to animals or nature. But what happens when we open to it as a universal force? How do the Spirits see the Power of Love and how would they like us to work with its essence? How can Love help in making healing flow and in restoring peace? What is the role of Love in our shamanic practice?

We will work with drum journey, song, ceremony and nature to explore the importance of Love in our lives. This one day course is an invitation to a more active connection with the Spirit of Love. Together we can give thanks and celebrate its presence in the world.

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