SEIÐR - History, Craft and Modern Practice

A free Seidr teaching program with Annette Høst - for online self-study




This online teaching program explores Seidr as part of the old Nordic spiritual and magic tradition. Through 8 video lectures, Annette will lead you on a journey through literary sources, old and new research, and 30 years of modern experience of Seidr, towards a deeper understanding.

The program focuses on applying knowledge of the source material, and sharing inspiration for personal practice of the new Seidr, in the style of Annette's "Magic University" classes.

The 8 video lectures are offered free on Annette's YouTube channel :

1:8 – Magic in Norse Tradition

2:8 – The Story of Thorbjörg’s Seiðr

3:9 – The Story of the Vision of the Seeress

4:8 – Well-known Seiðr Workers in History and Saga

5:8 – The Flow of Power and Question of Gender in Seiðr

6:8 – The Relationship to Spirits, Nature Beings and Gods

7:8 – The Craft of Seiðr

8:8 – Planting our Staff in our own Turf

In the first videos we examine the LEGACY of Seidr, learn about and discuss historical sources. We will look at both literature, like Icelandic sagas and the Poetic Edda, and archaeological traces. This includes challenging the widespread ideas in research that Seidr is “black magic” or “unmanly practice”.

Then we explore the CRAFT of Seidr work and what it takes to do a good MODERN SEIDR based on solid knowledge of history. This also means looking at today’s popular fascinations with Vikings and Volvas, and examine how this may influence our practice today. Finally you will also learn more “how to” tips  from 30 years of practicing the “new Seidr”.

Watch a short introduction to the online program:


This program is for you if:

  • you want to sharpen your understanding through a critical study of the sources of the historical literature and research about Seidr.
  • you want to practice, or are already practising modern Seidr, and want to root it in a solid knowledge of the tradition’s history. You will also learn tips and tricks from 30 years of experiencing “new Seidr”
  • you live far away from Scandinavia, and feel a general, strong pull towards old Nordic or Viking culture, perhaps kindled by your ancestry. This lectures will help you to incorporate an authentic connection to the Nordic tradition in your own spiritual practice.


The video lectures are offered free to help share Seidr knowledge. However donations are possible and appreciated.
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