through Nature Constellation, Ceremony and Animism

MONDAYS, 18-21 CET/CEST, 4 sessions - 28 March, 11 April, 25 April, 9 May

* This online course is open to all, no previous training needed *



Many of us feel a longing to connect more deeply and reach into Life, towards a sense of home, belonging and aliveness. As we root into ourselves, we can reach into and connect with our birthplaces and local spaces, our personal and spiritual ecosystems, and become a conscious part of wider root systems in the world.

Through practical and experiential exercises, we will explore and build relationships both to human ancestors and more-than-human ancestors. We will open to the systems that we are part of now, that we may have come from, and how this connects to more ancient ones further back in time. We will look at what root systems can teach us and how they invite us to engage with a wider sense of being in the World. Through experiencing our place in the Web of Life, we can come to feel more Home, more in balance, and more able to open to receive.  

This online workshop works with Nature Constellations from an animistic and ceremonial perspective. The work grows out of systemic family constellation, which explores how parts of a whole affect each other within a conscious “knowing field”. Just like shamanic and animistic work, it reveals the invisible web of how things are interrelated. In ceremony, this “field” can be seen as the sacred space that opens and allows healing power to move. The spiritual roots of constellation work are deeply connected to indigenous ceremony and there is much to learn when we approach constellation work in this sacred manner

Family constellations often focus on personal issues. In many ways they can be seen as family-wide soul retrievals, often reaching back through generations and working with ancestors to heal old patterns. Like in shamanic healing practices, they can release stuck energy, escort souls of the dead and heal through restoring power to its rightful place.

In Nature Constellations we widen the field to include animals, plants, elements and Spirits. The whole world is welcomed as part of the system we belong to, and we learn to listen to many voices. By acknowledging that human beings are a part of Life on Earth and not separate or outside of it, we begin to rebuild better relationships with Creation. We can remember our place, connect to where we come from and feel more clearly where we are now.

As we invite the more-than-human into the work, we gain a clearer view of different perspectives and the bigger picture. As well as forging bonds between humans and the living world, this work can also help to solve conflicts between human interests and natural ecosystems, and bring inspiration for complex systemic environmental challenges. It touches on both individual situations, larger community questions and global topics. By seeing what is unwell in the system at large, we can learn how to better use our time and energy to make a difference.

During this time of human history we need to re-learn what it means to listen to Voices beyond our own. We can experience directly how it is to be related and expand our concept of family. When we live in Harmony, what we do for ourselves, we also do for the whole. Untangling blocked energy helps to ensure that Life can flow through the web as its vibrant natural self.

*** This is a highly experiential and practical course. Please be aware that it is not a course in how to facilitate. By taking part in both individual and shared group constellations, participants will experience the power and possibility of this work. By moving through different kinds of exercises, we can learn and notice how it affects us and creates change in our own lives and the world. It is open to all. No previous training is needed.

The workshop is held in English with Zara Waldeback and Caroline Wingolf

The cost is offered at a sliding scale - please choose the price that is right for you


We will meet 4 Mondays:
28 March – 11 April – 25 April – 9 May


The meetings are 3hrs, 
6-9pm CET Scandinavian time


Choose the right price for you:
2000 SEK - 1600 SEK - 1200 SEK


"Rooting & Reaching" is offered as an experiential online course with a larger group. The sessions offer a variety of nature constellation work and exercises. There may be occasional preparation work to do at home, but otherwise there is no personal work in between meetings.

We very much recommend attending all sessions as they build on each other, but it is possible to attend even if you can only come to some meetings. There will be recordings of the some parts of the sessions, but usually not of the exercises, as they are best done live together in groups.

This course is open to all. You do not need any previous training. It is suitable for anyone interested in feeling more rooted and connected in life, finding one's place in life, learning to listen to the voices of nature, as well as experiencing a more animistic and holistic way of being. The course will also show you a variety of ways of how to work ceremonially with systemic constellations.

We will meet via Zoom for a 3hr Circle on four Mondays, every two weeks:

* Meeting 1: 28 March
* Meeting 2: 11 April
* Meeting 3: 25 April
* Meeting 4: 9 May

Monday evenings, 18.00-21.00 Swedish time (CET/CEST) 

To make it more accessible, this course is offered at three different price levels. Please choose the one that is right for you:  

2000 SEK - 1600 SEK - 1200 SEK

Once you have booked, you will receive information on how to join the course. You will also receive a reminder with a link a day before each session. If you cannot find this email, please look in your Spam or Bin, or if Gmail, in the Promotions folder.

Once you book, it is binding. We do not offer any refunds on online courses.

You will need to connect to Zoom meetings via a computer or tablet. For online constellation work, phones are not helpful as the screen is too small, making it difficult to follow and engage with the full process.

In between meetings you are welcome to engage with others on the online course space for participant sharing and teacher comments.

If you have never taken part in an online course, it is quite simple and you will get technical guidance to help you prepare. This is a different way of meeting but very powerful in its own way.