Connect with the Power of Story and learn to listen to the Voice of the Earth

6 sessions - now available for self study at your own pace

2hr webinar + optional Story Circles where you can share and practice together
You can take part in the course by joining live or listen later in your own time
* We offer a free bonus session on 12 Feb for a shared Story Ceremony *


Many people feel a deep love for nature, and a deep passion for creating a better world. But how do we talk with Nature about what it wants - and needs? How can it support and inspire us? At this time of huge environmental challenge, we must listen to both human stories and the voices of nature. What do stones, plants, trees, rivers, sky, birds, insects, animals and the elements have to tell us? What do they want us to hear? 

In the animistic worldview, stories are alive and have their own spirit. They are a magical and ancient way of learning from a deeper source. They are containers of sacred knowledge that can bring us hope and help us to find our way. Stories can talk about difficult issues in a way that encourages us to connect to the true meaning behind the words. They can help us to hear what matters and remember how to be human. 

If we learn to listen to nature, we can share its stories with other humans, and make nature’s own needs part of the equation. Factual information is not enough. Through the act of telling stories, we reach each other’s hearts and minds in an immediate and intimate way. Story creates a personal connection and helps to enable strong long-lasting bonds between humans, the living world and creation.

During this online workshop we will introduce different ways to open to Nature and hear what it has to tell us. We will get to know the nature of stories and find out how to work with them in everyday life. We will explore the power of Good Words, and their role in healing - for humans, communities and nature. We will find out how to let go of old stories and create new ones to bring inspiration to life.

To take part in the course, you do not need any previous training in working with stories, soul or nature. This is work that is open and accessible to all. It is, however, helpful to bring a heartfelt interest in stories and a curiousity of getting to know nature.

After each 2 hour workshop, we offer an optional Story Circle. Those who wish can meet in small groups to share with each other about the work and practice telling and listening to Stories of Nature. 

After the course is finished, we offer a free Story Ceremony Circe for those who wish to tell a Story from Nature and experience listening to them together. 

** Please be aware that this is not a course teaching storytelling techniques or writing skills. It is a course about the role of Story in our lives; about coming into connection, listening and sharing, and how to receive stories from the living world in simple, powerful and sometimes surprising ways. It will be a time to find stories that move us and daring to share them with others.

If you prefer you can take part in your own time by listening to the audio recordings available the day after the live sessions. There will also be a variety of work offered for you to do at home in between sessions, to help you experience this way of listening and communicating with Nature. 

** You are very welcome to join the course even if you can’t come to all meetings.

We offer this course at a sliding scale: please choose the price that is right for you at this time : 3000 SEK, 2000 SEK, 1200 SEK


We met on 6 Sundays Nov-Feb 2023
Now available for self study at your own pace 


The meetings are 2hrs


Choose the right price for you:
3000 SEK -  2000 SEK  -  1200 SEK

This online course is taught in English, by Zara Waldeback together with Jonathan Horwitz

In between meetings, you have access to audio recordings and an online course space to help you deepen your experience at home. Here you can share experiences, ask questions and connect with other participants.

This course is open to all, no previous experience necessary.

** You are welcome to join the course even if you can’t come to all the meetings. You can come to some sessions or enjoy the course in your own time and listen to it only as recordings. We very much recommend listening to them in the order they are presented.

Once you book, you will receive more information about how to join. If you cannot find this, please search in your spam bin or promotions email folders.

We met 6 times, roughly every 2 weeks, Nov-Feb 2022-2023: 

This course is now available for self study at your own pace

Meetings are 2 hrs, with a short break.

To make it more accessible, this circle is offered at three different price levels. Please consider what you are able to give at this time and choose the one that is right for you: 

3000 SEK - 2000 SEK - 1200 SEK

Please note that we do not offer refunds on online courses, once you book it is binding.  

You will need to connect to the Zoom meetings via a computer or tablet. If you have never taken part in an online circle, it is quite simple and you will get technical guidance to help you prepare. It is a different way of meeting but very powerful in its own way.