Connecting to the flow and abundant generosity of the Earth

MONDAYS, 19-21.30 CET, 3 sessions weekly, 6 Feb - 13 Feb - 20 Feb 2023

* You are welcome to book even if you can’t come to all sessions *


This new online course is an invitation to experience the richness of Life and what happens when we let its Power flow through us. 

As we come into deeper connection to source and life force, it becomes easier to recognise how much we are offered. We become aware of a natural abundance and how to receive in a more expansive way. 

Life is enriched as we renew our relationship to time, money and energy. So often we can feel trapped in a fear of not being enough or not having enough. This can drive us to feeling dissatisfied and exhausted. Instead we can open to trust and meet Life in a different way. 

Working with Nature and creativity, we can access resources we may not realise are available and waiting for us. As we come into contact with ignored or hidden parts of ourselves, we meet the gifts they carry. We learn to appreciate and value them for what they are, and allow them to flourish. 

The Earth is an ongoing source of life with resources both renewable and finite. We learn to live in balance by exploring what it means to "give without losing and receive without taking". In this way abundance becomes an attitude rather than a measure, encouraging the Spirit of Generosity. We are invited to embrace the joy of sharing and be filled with the power of gratitude. We are welcome. 

This course is open to all, no experience is necessary. You can take part live or listen to recordings in your own time. You will also receive ways to practice at home to explore your own personal connection with sources of Life.

The weekly sessions encourage you to come into connection through animistic Nature work, guided meditations and writing exercises.

Taught by Zara Waldebäck in English.


Meeting 3 Mondays 2022:
6 Feb - 13 Feb - 20 Feb


The meetings are 2.5 hrs, 
7-9.30pm CET Scandinavian


Choose the right price for you:
1500 SEK - 1200 SEK - 700 SEK

This online course is taught by Zara Waldebäck in English.

You can take part by joining live or listen to sessions in your own time.

You have access to audio recordings and an online course space where you can share reflections, ask questions and connect with other participants. The recordings will be available for the rest of the year. 

In between meetings you are offered ways to practice at home to deepen and ground the work.

This course is open to all, no experience is necessary.

** You are welcome to join even if you can’t come to all the meetings. If you engage wit the course in your own time, it works best if you listen to in the order it is presented.

Once you book, you will receive more information about how to join. If you cannot find this, please search your spam bin or promotions email folders (in gmail).

We meet 3 times, once a week: 

6 Feb - 13 Feb - 20 Feb

The live meetings are on a Monday, 7-9.30pm CET Scandinavian time.
They are 2.5 hrs, with a short break, held via Zoom.

This course is offered at three different price levels, to take into account different types of income and life circumstance. Please choose the one that works best for you at this time: 

1500 SEK - 1200 SEK - 700 SEK

There are no refunds on online courses, once you book it is binding.  

You will need to connect to the Zoom meetings via a computer, tablet or phone. If you have never taken part in an online circle, it is very simple and you will get technical guidance to help you prepare.