Making space for the Soul to share its wisdom and longing

THURSDAYS, 19.00-22.00 CEST, 3 sessions: 9 June - 23 June - 7 July

* You are welcome to book even if you can’t come to all sessions *


This advanced online course is an opportunity to sit in Circle and listen to what your soul wants you to know

In order to thrive, the soul needs regular care and attention. It has so much to tell us, but sometimes in daily life it can be hard to find time or space to connect with it.

This workshop is offered as an online retreat rather than a taught course. We will make space for the soul to be heard and listen to its wisdom and longing. We will find out what steps we can take to make it vibrant, vital and full. We will sing in gratitude and learn more about how to bring the peace and power of the Soul to the way we live.

Working this way helps us to come home to ourselves, and lessens the risk for soul loss. When we invite soulfulness into our everyday, we can engage with simple practices that help to nourish the soul and make it shine.

Together in Circle, we will work with Rattles, Song, Spirit meditations and Writing exercises. In between sessions you will be offered journey work to do at home, to learn directly from the Spirits and receive personal teachings.

When we make space for the soul we allow it to guide us with clarity and trust, making our life more whole.

Participants must have completed introductory course "The Shaman's Journey" or agreed equivalent. You must already have experience of shamanic journeying in a tradition similar to ours and have good contact with at least two Spirit Helpers.

If you have this previous training and practice and want to take part, click the button below to receive more information.

** If you are not familiar with our way of teaching, please follow these links to find out more and consider if it is similar to how you work:
• Journey practice
• Working with Intention

• Introduction to Shamanism


We will meet 3 Thursdays 2022:
9 June - 23 June - 7 July


The meetings are 3 hrs, 
7-10pm CEST Scandinavian


Choose the right price for you:
2000 SEK - 1500 SEK - 1000 SEK

This course is held as online interactive sessions, with Jonathan & Zara in English.

In between meetings, you have access to audio recordings and an online course space to help you deepen your experience at home. Here you can share experiences, ask questions and connect with other participants.

This course is open to people who have trained in shamanic journeying, either with us or in a way similar to ours.

** You are very welcome to join the course even if you can’t come to all the meetings.

Once you book, you will receive more information about how to join. If you cannot find this, please search in your spam bin or promotions email folders.

We will meet 3 times, every 2 weeks: 

9 June  –  23 June –  7 July

The meetings are held on a Thursday, 7-10pm CEST Scandinavian time.
We will meet for 3 hrs, with a short break, via Zoom.

To make it more accessible, this circle is offered at three different price levels. Please consider what you are able to give at this time and choose the one that is right for you: 

2000 SEK - 1500 SEK - 1000 SEK

Please note that we do not offer refunds on online courses, once you book it is binding.  

You will need to connect to the Zoom meetings via a computer or tablet. If you have never taken part in an online circle, it is quite simple and you will get technical guidance to help you prepare. It is a different way of meeting but very powerful in its own way.