Animistic awareness and inspiration for natural solutions and support

FRIDAYS, 19.30-21.30 CET/CEST, 8 sessions: 8 March - 27 Sept 2024

* This course is open to all, no experience necessary *


This is an opportunity to discover how to lead in partnership with Nature. You will receive in-depth inspiration and support to encourage you to develop your natural abilities.

When we engage with Nature from an animistic perspective, it becomes a guide, and teaches us more than we can imagine. In collaboration with natural mentors, we can rewild and redefine leadership, allowing it to become more attuned to Life.

During our time together we will explore:

  • Ways to bring animistic awareness to leadership
  • How to cultivate leadership as an attitude whatever your role
  • How to learn from Nature and find inspiration for solutions and support
  • Ways to connect to Soul, Circle and Natural Cycles in leadership situations 
  • How to discover your own natural sense of leadership 

A shift happens when we focus on Leadership rather than Leaders. We can appreciate it as a process and a practice, where rest, play, joy and love all have a place. Rather than being an individual endeavour, we can see it in relation to community. In this way we also learn to lead by listening, by paying attention, and by holding space. 

You will be encouraged to examine your relationship to Power, and how to deal with personal issues that may arise in leadership situations. Staying connected to Nature, you can find support that reminds you that you are not alone. We will also look at how to relate to responsibility, and what it means to commit to what we choose. 

You will be asked to apply what you learn to concrete situations at work, at home and in your self, and learn more from surprises, mistakes and unexpected results. At the end, you can also begin to craft your own personal leadership manifesto and how to bring such a vision to life. 


  • 8 x 2 hr live online sessions, also available as recordings
  • Monthly short videos focusing on specific topics
  • Weekly emails to inspire and support
  • Guided animistic home practices with Nature
  • Online course space for questions and sharing experiences
  • Possibility to take part in small groups in between sessions

Learn more about animistic leadership in this introductory talk

The programme is designed to run over a longer period, giving you time to develop, ripen, change, and deepen. It will be a highly experiential and interactive journey, with space for participants´ personal needs and wishes. 

Each online session will focus on a theme. There will be creative exercises, ceremony, Nature inspiration and sharing, as well as case study explorations. 

In between sessions, you have access to additional short videos and suggested nature practices. By engaging with medicine walks, nature communication, case study research, and reflective writing, you will find personal teachings from nature mentors.

You will also receive a weekly email with guidance and support for how to integrate and expand the work in your daily life. 

The best way to engage with this programme is to take part in as many live sessions as you can and interact with exercises regularly. However, it is also possible to do it in your own time and engage with recordings and practices at your own pace. This will make it quite a different experience, however.

This programme is offered in English and open to all. You do not need any previous training, in either animism or leadership. You do not need to be in an official position of leadership. You should want to engage deeply in leadership as a process, and be open to reflecting on personal situations and teachings, together with others in a group.

The main mentoring will be found in Nature, as you learn to develop relationships with natural mentors. There will also be circle mentoring, led by Zara in live sessions. Via the online course portal, you can ask questions and receive personal feedback in a shared space. There are no private 1-2-1 sessions, as the main learning will be done in community.

The course is offered at a sliding scale so you can choose the price that is right for you at this time. It is also possible to pay in instalments over time. 

Taught in English by Zara Waldebäck. If you have any questions about the programme, please email Zara


8 March, 29 March, 26 April, 24 May, 5 July, 16 Aug, 6 Sep, 27 Sep 2024



19.30 - 21.30 CET/CEST


Choose the right price for you:
5000 SEK - 6000 SEK  -  7000 SEK (+ sales tax in some countries)


This is a highly interactive online programme that is best experienced by taking part in live sessions and engaging with practical exercises at home.

Once you book, you will receive more information. If you cannot find this, please search in your spam bin or promotions email folders (in gmail). 

We meet 8 times, every few weeks, over a period of 7 months. 

8 March - 29 March - 26 April - 24 May - 5 July - 16 Aug - 6 Sep - 27 Sep, 2024

The meetings are on a Friday, 19.30-21.30pm CET/CEST Scandinavian time.
Live sessions are 2 hrs, with a short break, via Zoom.

To make it more accessible, the programme is offered at three different price levels. Whichever price you choose, you can pay it as one amount or in 4 instalments over time.

All price levels give access to the same materials and course experience. Please pick the option that is right for you and your situation at this time.

5000 SEK - 6000 SEK - 7000 SEK

IMPORTANT: In some countries, 25% moms/VAT/sales tax will be added to the price. If you live in a country where you have to pay this, a different price will show up on the order form. Please make sure to check the final amount before paying. 

To help you feel at ease with your investment, please know that if you are not happy with the programme after the first session, you can request a full refund before 11 March. After this date, booking is binding and there will be no further refunds.

All course materials will be available online for two full years so you can continue to enjoy them in your own time after the live sessions have ended.