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THE 6th UK SSP SHAMANIC CONFERENCE (Society for Shamanic Practitioners)

The theme for the 2012 SSP conference is “Dancing with the Rhythms of Change”. It is taking place 6–9 September at Gaunts House in Dorset, south west England.

As part of the conference, Jonathan and Zara are offering a half-day workshop called “Step into Power, Step into Change”:

We all follow the cycle of life. We are continually changing - sprouting, flowering, bearing fruit, harvesting and decomposing. But how do we best move through our shifting seasons?

Change can be difficult to accept. We often want to hold on to life as we know it. But working with the Spirits, we have the chance to be empowered by change and allow the falling away of the old to energise the coming of the new.

Receiving healing often involves saying goodbye to old patterns and accepting new possibilities. Beginnings and endings are an essential part of change. When we work with them, healing can become truly transformative. By embracing the changes that healing brings, we can step more fully into our lives.

In this session we will work with song, shamanic dance and drum journeying to ask for the power to move with change. Life is change. Shamanism is change with power.

On the conference website you will find photos and films from previous years, as well as an audio interview with the organisers talking about why they feel this kind of larger shamanic community event is so important.

For more information, go to:

To book a place at the conference, email Elsa and Howard Malpas