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The Shaman's Journey
19-22 July, Halland, Sweden
2-4 Nov, Denmark


Shamanic Practice Day
19 May, Åsbacka, Sweden

Spirit Dance & Ceremony 
24-29 July, Tokalynga, Sweden
The Deepening Path Retreat
14-19 Aug, Åsbacka, Sweden
Return to Spirit
13-16 Sept, Ireland
Legacy of the Wise Ones
19-23 Sept, Hvalsø, Denmark
Shamanic Healing 1
Shamanic Healing 2
Shamanic Counselling 1
Shamanic Counselling 2
Soul Retrieval
Rhythms of Life 
Shamanism, Death & Life
Spirit Voice  
Forest Power
Step Into Change
Voice of the Earth


A very different kind of retreat, this long weekend gives you the chance to spend time in nature working with deep listening, silence and space. Each day we will gather in circle and you will be given a focus and intention for the day, then you will go into Nature to work. In between sessions we will share teachings and experiences to come to a deeper sense of seeing.

The time spent outside will be much longer than on other courses, to help you move into a different state of consciousness and become more attuned to Nature. Working in this way can create a deeper relationship with the world, to both its seen and unseen aspects.

This is an opportunity to connect with Nature and the Spirits and find out more about how to work together. Much of the retreat will be spent in silence to allow a still, expansive place to emerge, where we can begin to hear the world in a different way. The work will be simple and strong, focusing on the intention, connection and attention we bring to it.

There will be a small amount of journey work, but mainly we will be working with Medicine Walks, dance, and deep listening. We will also do some healing work together with Nature, and participants can have the chance to Sit Out overnight if they wish to.

Participants must have completed introductory course The Shaman's Journey or agreed equivalent.

18-21 Aug, 2016: Åsbacka, Skåne, Sweden. Taught by Jonathan and Zara, in English. Contact Zara, email: or tel: + 46 (0)431 441 220. Price: 4700 SEK, deposit 2000 SEK, includes food and accommodation.

Max 12 places. For more information about the venue, see


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