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The Shaman's Journey
19-22 July, Halland, Sweden
2-4 Nov, Denmark


Shamanic Practice Day
19 May, Åsbacka, Sweden

Spirit Dance & Ceremony 
24-29 July, Tokalynga, Sweden
The Deepening Path Retreat
14-19 Aug, Åsbacka, Sweden
Return to Spirit
13-16 Sept, Ireland
Legacy of the Wise Ones
19-23 Sept, Hvalsø, Denmark
Shamanic Healing 1
Shamanic Healing 2
Shamanic Counselling 1
Shamanic Counselling 2
Soul Retrieval
Rhythms of Life 
Shamanism, Death & Life
Spirit Voice  
Forest Power
Step Into Change
Voice of the Earth





At the retreat center Åsbacka, located in the southern Swedish woods, we have the opportunity to do more varied kinds of spirit work in a wild natural setting. These occasional days are intended to help people at all points of their shamanic paths. We come together to widen our experience of many possible ways of working with the Spirits - not only journeying, but also nature work, ceremony, song and dance. By sharing in the circle and learning from each other, participants are encouraged to keep their shamanic practice vibrant and feel a deeper relationship to both the Spirits, themselves and the world around them.

Shamanic Practice Days run from 10.00 to 17.00.
Please note that no accommodation is available.


Often we go to the Spirits to ask for help and guidance in times of trouble, when we have a problem or are in pain. This is very important and it is also good to remember that the Spirits are there for us to share good times – times of celebration, times of gratitude, times of joy. Opening our hearts, souls, minds and bodies to the power of these good times can help sustain us and make our garden grow. Like plants turn to Sunshine, so we also need Joy to feed us. Joy is a manifestation of Love. Even when life is hard or we see so much suffering around us, we can know that Joy has a place and is an essential part of living, whether times are good or not.

What happens if we take the power of Joy seriously in our lives? If we see it as one of the main forces that can energise and nourish what we do? Joy is not only happiness or laughter but a deep feeling of connection and harmony. We will ask to meet the Spirit of Joy and find out more about its role in our lives. We will listen to Nature at this time of year and hear what it has to teach us. We will ask for help to embrace all that Joy teaches us and gives us, and find ways to dance with the power it gives us.

19 May, 2018: Åsbacka, Skåne, Sweden. Taught by Jonathan and Zara in English. To book your place, contact Zara, email: Price: 1000 SEK, deposit 300 SEK, includes a simple vegan lunch. Max 14 places.

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Participants must have completed introductory course The Shaman's Journey or agreed equivalent.


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